Double Dragon Publishing Novel Receives Award

"Through a Glass Darkly" has received the 2015 PRG award for Paranormal Horror/Suspense. The novel, written by Donald Allen Kirch recounts a paranormal investigation group who attempt to solve the mystery surrounding a so-called haunted house. Ignoring local law enforcement warnings... - January 27, 2016

Double Dragon Publishing Authors Appearing on A&E Series

Dr. Sue Clifton and Sara Dulaney Pugh, co-authors of the novel, Through the Eyes of Angel Leigh, will be appearing on the new A&E TV series "Cursed: The Bell Witch" which premiered this week Oct 26th on A&E. The Bell Witch is a Southern folk legend involving a poltergeist... - November 01, 2015

Double Dragon Publishing Celebrates 15th Year

Join the Celebration - 15 years of service to the eBook Industry. Double Dragon Publishing will be releasing various free, discounted titles, and special edition hard cover books for the remainder of the year. This includes this free “sampler” of Double Dragon Publishing titles that... - June 23, 2015

Double Dragon Publishing Title Earns First Place Award

Every January, the Paranormal Romance Guild select titles reviewed the previous year for their Reviewer's Choice Awards. This year, Double Dragon Publishing's "A Stake in Murder" by Donald Allen Kirch was awarded First Place in Horror. Set in Los Angeles in 1991, "A Stake in... - February 02, 2015

Double Dragon Publishing Announces November Releases

Return titles by veteran DDP authors, a new entry in a series, and a new author are included in Double Dragon Publishing's title list for November. "Journey of One" by Teel James Glenn "Seaweed Ribbons" by Francene Stanley "City of the Long Night" by Gerard... - December 06, 2014

Double Dragon Publishing Releases August Book Title List

August releases from Double Dragon Publishing include two views of the vampire legend, a time travel tale, and an entry in an established series. "Sinners Obsession" by Linda Nightingale. A vampire romance and the third entry in the Sinner series, this novel continues the tale of Morgan... - September 02, 2014

Double Dragon Publishing Releases List of July Titles

In July, Double Dragon Publishing released six new titles in the genres of thrillers and fantasies. They are: July Releases from Double Dragon Publishing: "The Lazarus Experiment" by Mark Degasperi "Twisted Tails VIII" compiled by J Richard Jacobs, "The Black... - August 03, 2014

Double Dragon Publishing Announces June Fiction Releases

In the month of June, Double Dragon Publishing released seven novels, including two by new authors to the DDP imprint. The selections include dark urban fantasy, horror. fantasy, and a Young Adult/New Adult novel. "Keeper of the Bones" by Daniel Steeves Connaughton "Imora" by... - July 02, 2014

Double Dragon Publishing Announces May Releases

Fiction releases for May from Double Dragon Publishing range from the paranormal to political satire. This month's listings include: "Bloodsuckers" by Michael Ventrella, a novel which asks the question, "What if a vampire ran for president?" "Nocturnal" by Virginia... - June 05, 2014

Double Dragon Publishing Announces Award-Winning Titles

Double Dragon Publishing of Ontario, Canada, is proud to count among its many titles the following which have been selected to receive literary awards: Along the Watch Tower by David Litwak Bronze Award Winner 2013 Readers Favorite Book Beverly Hills Book Award 2-14 Finalist Massachusetts Book... - May 02, 2014

Double Dragon Publishing Announces Booklist Releases for the Month of March

Double Dragon Publishing releases its March Booklist: For a Song (Fantasy) by Peggy Hogan Vampire Wars (Horror) by Perry Lake Sinbad’s Homecoming (Science Fiction) by Toni V. Sweeney As Falls an Angel (Fantasy Romance) by Jay Greenstein Trinity (Science Fiction) by Christopher Lee... - April 02, 2014

Double Dragon Publishing Announced February Releases

Double Dragon Publishing has released its listing of new novels for the month of February: Arcadian Secret by Mercury Pace (SF)Relentless by JD Williams (SF) Twin Suns by David Wilbanks (SF/humor) Guardian of the Gods by Sarah Wagner (Fantasy) The Sigma Conspiracy by Lee Gimenez (SF/Spy... - March 02, 2014

Double Dragon Publishing Announces Winter 2014 Releases

New Releases from Double Dragon Publishing for the Beginning of 2014 are as follows: "Twin Suns" by David Wilbanks (SF/humor) "Guardian of the Gods" by Sarah Wagner (Fantasy) "Relentless" by JD Wiliams (SF) "The Sigma Conspiracy" by Lee Gimenez (SF/Spy... - February 18, 2014

Double Dragon Publishing Announces a New Novel by Tony-Paul de Vissage Author of "The Night Man Cometh" and "The Last Vampire Standing"

"Shadow Lord" Book 1 of the Second Species A new type of vampire in an old world… Men call them vampires. They call themselves aventurieri. For generations, they hide in the mists of the Carpathians away from their human foes. In 1793, everything changes… Their... - February 03, 2014

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