Vladislav Zubkis aka Steven Schwartzbard Takes Leave of Absence from Embattled Neuromama, Ltd.; Controversial Adviser Vows to Use Time Off to Investigate Daughter's Death

Vladislav Zubkis aka Steven Schwartzbard today requested and received an open-ended, leave of absence from Neuromama, Ltd. (OTC: NERO) where he serves as the chairman of the company's advisory board and General Design and Marketing Strategy adviser. The leave of absence comes in the wake of the... - August 24, 2016

President and CEO of Neuromama, Ltd. Responding to SEC's Temporary Suspension of Trading of Shares of NeuroMama, Ltd. (OTC: NERO) Common Stock

President and CEO of Neuromama, Ltd. Mr. Igor Weselovsky responding to SEC's temporary suspension of trading of NeuroMama, Ltd. shares of common stock by accepting responsibility for missing SEC filing deadlines of Neuromama current financial statements. - August 18, 2016

NeuroMANIA Theartical Cirque Style Productions Live at Teatro Zaragoza in Tijuana Beginning October 4th

NeuroMama, Ltd. Is bringing live Cirque Du Soleil style entertainment productions to Tijuana, Mexico. NeuroMama, Ltd. (OTC: NERO) in joint partnership with the Institute of Culture of Baja California (ICBC) is announcing NeuroMANIA, a beautiful Theatrical and Cirque Style Production by the Dynasty of Soviet Epoch of Classical Cirque led by the father and son Anatoliy Miagkostoupov and Vladik Miagkostoupov. - October 01, 2014

Announcing Correction! Al Hill as the New President and CEO of Soon to be Formed NeuroMama Latin America, Ltd. (OTC: NERO)

Former professional football player and a member of such teams as the Denver Broncos and the Arizona Wranglers of the former USFL is on board as the new President and CEO of NeuroMama, Ltd. Latin America (OTC: NERO). - August 31, 2014

NeuroMama, Ltd. (OTC: NERO) Bringing Amnistya Foundation Live Entertainment Marathon to Tijuana, Rosarito, Ensenada to Raise Funds for Art, Environment & Anti-Deportation

Neuromama, Ltd. Partners with the Institute of Culture of Baja California to bring Live Entertainment cirque style events to Baja California, including Tijuana, Rosarito Beach, and Ensenada in an effort to raise funds for Art, Environment, and to stop deportation. - July 28, 2014

NeuroMama, Ltd. (OTC: NERO) Announcing Partnership with Institute of Culture of Baja California (ICBC) and Live Entertainment Events in Tijuana, Rosarito, & Ensenada

NeuroMama, Ltd. (OTC: NERO) announcing the partnership with Institute of Culture of Baja California (ICBC) and the live entertainment marketing strategy for NeuroMama, Ltd’s GeoMarketing, Internet Marketing (SEM), and eCommerce Internet advertising Programs, as well as soon to be introduced Magik Network comprised of packages of TV channels (DTH) delivered to home, cellular and Internet service, NeuroPads and NeuroPhones. - July 25, 2014

NeuroMama, Ltd. (Nasdaq: NERO) is Pleased to Announce the NeuroBrowser 10.5

Neuromama.com is pleased to announce the New NeuroBrowser 10.5. The new version includes: Bug fixes, New logo design, New tab that opens search engine. - May 16, 2014

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