Omlis Announces Partnership with Digital Pathways

Mobile payments security provider Omlis today announced their partnership with Digital Pathways, a leading provider of data security and leakage prevention services in the UK. Based in the South East of England, Digital Pathways have an impressive reputation for delivering world-class data security... - September 12, 2015

Mobile Users Demand High Integrity from Banks

Mobile banking in Central and Eastern Europe is forecast to rise to 44.6m users by Q4 2015. With the number of users predicted to grow rapidly over the coming year, banks need to protect against cybercrime and provide users with digital solutions that allow them to make secure mobile transactions. - May 30, 2015

Thomas Stanford Joins Forces with Omlis to Fight Mobile Fraud

A Strategic Partnership Has Been Formed Between Cybersecurity Brokerage Thomas Stanford and Mobile Payments Security Provider Omlis - April 30, 2015

Consumer Data at Risk from Poor Endpoint Security, According to New Research from Omlis

The report from Omlis, published today, suggests that poor endpoint security in banks is primary weakness to cyberattacks. - April 23, 2015

Omlis Expands to New Territories with Abbrevia FZ-LLC

Mobile payment security provider Omlis today appointed another strategic partner, Abbrevia FZ-LLC, an innovative payment consultancy firm and provider of leading payment test tools. With offices in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and Russia, Abbrevia is a leading payment simulation and testing consultancy and is now poised to deliver Omlis’ security solution to one of the world’s fastest growing mobile banking and payments market. - March 07, 2015

Omlis Warns Mobile Payments Security Used by Most Financial Institutions is Subpar

According to mobile payments security experts Omlis, financial institutions in Western Europe are taking huge risks by employing poor methods and relying on outdated banking infrastructures to secure sensitive consumer information for mobile transactions. Omlis argues that financial institutions... - February 27, 2015

Mobile Security Start Up Omlis Secures $31M in Contracts and Grows to Over 40 Employees in First Year

Rapidly emerging global mobile payments solutions provider, Omlis, today announced the successful completion of the first Omlis Licensed implementations, and an exponential growth in identified partner and client opportunities in South America, and across Europe, Middle East and Africa. Currently... - February 05, 2015

Stratus® Technologies Partners with Mobile Security Company Omlis

Secure mobile payments solutions provider Omlis today announce their global partnership with leading provider of availability solutions, Stratus® Technologies. This partnership enables Omlis to provide their high integrity mobile payment solutions through Stratus’ infrastructure solutions. - January 29, 2015

Mobile Payments and Security Top Priority for 2015, Says Omlis and Orion

Mobile payments security experts Omlis and enterprise security leader Orion SaS offer tips on security, new payment options and taking advantage of mobile in the New Year. - January 16, 2015

Omlis and Seric Systems Confirm 5-Year Partnership to Deliver High-Integrity Mobile Payment Solutions

Omlis global mobile payment solutions provider has announced a landmark 5-year distributor agreement today with award-winning global IT infrastructure supplier, Seric Systems. - December 11, 2014

Computer Security Day 2014 Calls for Mobile Payment Security and Tokenization

In light of Computer Security Day on 30 November, mobile payment security experts Omlis and cyber-security company Orion Software and Services claim that mobile payment encryption requires tokenization and strong security for mobile devices. - November 28, 2014

UN Africa Industrialization Day – Mobile Payments Pave the Way

As Africa Industrialization Day is observed across the world on the 20th November 2014, it is worth noting that Africans continue to display their ability to adapt and adopt new technologies and points of view. It is very unlikely that this behaviour will change in the near future and the rapidly closing gap between African economies and the “industrialized” world dictates that the status quo should be maintained. - November 22, 2014

Digital Payments Deliver Global Financial Inclusion

In light of the 2014 World Development Information Day from the United Nations on October 24, Omlis, provider of global mobile payment solutions, has gathered research on Mobile Payments and Financial Inclusion, detailing the potential for financial inclusion supported by dissemination of digital... - October 26, 2014

"Social Media Key to mPayments in Chile," Says Mobile Payments Experts Omlis

Chile is a mobile savvy nation with a population of 17.2 million. Although classified as a rapidly emerging economy, Chile scored 12.97 by the OECD Better Life Index which reflects the maximum social inequality gap between the rich and poor. However, the ever-increasing mobile phone penetration and Internet adoption through the mobile device is fast becoming the catalyst for improved social equality in Chile. - October 08, 2014

Omlis CTO to Speak on Security Panel at 2014 Mobile Payment Conference

Omlis Chief Technology Officer Matt Banham will participate on the security panel at the 2014 Mobile Payment Conference in Chicago, IL. He will discuss Omlis’ secure mobile payment solution that offers user convenience while ensuring immense security through a unique development process to accelerate adoption of mobile payments in the U.S. and worldwide. - October 04, 2014

Budget-Savvy Students Set to Save with Mobile Money Apps According to Omlis

Omlis mobile payment solutions provider presents disruptive mobile finance technologies that can impact students’ security for the 2014 school year. - September 10, 2014

Omlis Announces Dynamic Partnership with Orion Software and Services

The announcement of the partnership between global mobile payment solutions provider Omlis and leading technology distributor Orion Software and Services strongly positions them as leading providers of mobile payment solutions worldwide with innovative technology and mobile security solutions. - August 28, 2014

Omlis Presents the Global Mobile Payment Snapshot 2014

Worldwide use of mobile payments are analysed in this Infographic, which demonstrates various uses of M-Commerce technology and shows adoption of mobile payment technologies in key regions, including Africa, Latin America, & Asia. - August 08, 2014

"Online to Offline (O2O) Commerce Signals Demand for Increase in Mobile Payment Security," Says Mobile Payments Expert Omlis

Online-to-offline commerce, which utilizes mobile phones as an intermediary between businesses and consumers, is a worldwide trend that faces new challenges. Online shopping and innovative apps have created a new consumer environment that encourages new ways of shopping and conducting daily life. Mobile payments are becoming the norm, but must become more secure due to a currently insecure mobile payments market. - July 24, 2014

Technology Heavyweight Matt Banham Joins mPayments Innovators Omlis as Chief Technology Officer

With Recent partnerships providing unhackable mPayments solutions in Latin America, global mPayments innovators Omlis appointed Matt Banham to lead all technology efforts as Chief Technology Officer. - July 16, 2014

Omlis and Stratus Technologies Establish Strategic Presence in Mexico

Mexico’s unbanked population rely on a secure SMS payments based system for their daily lives creating a pressing social and technological need that is inadequately served. The partnership between Omlis as an innovative technology leader and Stratus Technologies Mexico brings a highly differentiated and compelling solution to mobile commerce security in Mexico. - July 09, 2014

Omlis and ISN Strike a Hot Partnership in Chile

The mobile phone is fast becoming the main way for Chilean's to transact especially with the high number of unbanked and socially excluded. Global payment solutions provider Omlis has partnered with Chile's largest technology provider to provide fraud free transaction security to Chile's largest banks and retailers, ensuring that Chilean's use their phones with absolute confidence and security. - July 04, 2014

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