American College of Sports Medicine Reports Tart Cherry Gel Helps Ease Muscle Soreness

Take heart - actually take tart cherry whole fruit gel. The American College of Sports Medicine has published the scientific research findings that shows CherryFlex - a tart cherry gel taken orally - may help ease muscle fatigue due to strenuous exercise. - July 28, 2011

FruitFast Announces First Recipe Contest Berry-Cherry Challenge, Entries Due April 5th

Cooks, chefs and bakers of all abilities and backgrounds are invited to enter the Berry Cherry Challenge from Brownwood Acres/ FruitFast. It’s the first ever recipe contest sponsored by the industry leader of natural, all-fruit products promoting healthy living, - March 24, 2011

National Cherry Month Focuses on Healthy Ruby Red Fruit

Once known as the "Dessert Fruit," the red tart cherry has moved to the top of the health ladder. Now celebrated for its naturally-occurring phytonutrients, tart cherries have taken center stage with FruitFast, the industry leader in tart cherry juice concentrate sales and marketer of CherryFlex. Their proprietary process uses the whole fruit - not dried fruit powders or fruit extracts - for their line of cherry juice, softgels, liquids, bars and squeeze pouches. - February 03, 2011

FruitFast® Introduces New Extra Strength CherryFlex® Pouches – Tart Cherry Gel Speeds Relief of Muscle Soreness

CherryFlex ProSport Shots are formulated to speed relief from muscle fatigue and soreness. The extra strength ProSport Shots are the latest FruitFast product, manufactured in the USA, using an exclusive process that maintains the synergistic characteristics of the Montmorency Tart Cherry - April 29, 2010

Brownwood Acres/ FruitFast Promotes Year Round Health Plans, More Products and Research in 2010

FruitFast continues to manufacture unique products that offer best-of-class benefits, a quality that distinguishes them from other fruit supplement companies. FruitFast is the exclusive producer of whole fruit softgel capsules. - December 31, 2009

FruitFast® Introduces New Cranberry Softgel - Great Lakes Cranberry Added to Super Fruit Product Line

FruitFast®, the innovator and leading producer of fruit softgel capsules, has Introduced a new product to their nutraceutical supplements that focuses on healthy living. - September 10, 2009

FruitFast® Announces Juice Concentrate Stimulus Plan

- Abundant Harvest Means Savings on Healthy Fruit Juices - August 29, 2009

FruitFast® Introduces Tart Cherry Softgels for Dogs

FruitFast® has developed CherryFlex for Dogs to maintain healthy joint function in canines. - August 08, 2009

Researchers Find CherryFlex Softgels Ease Exercise-Induced Muscle Soreness

Winona State University researchers presented a pilot study abstract with results showing that CherryFlex® softgels, the proprietary Montmorency red tart cherry fruit supplement, significantly altered muscle soreness following strenuous exercise in a double blind study conducted in 2008. - June 25, 2009

FruitFast® Launches New Website - Showcasing Company’s Superior Fruit Products

FruitFast®, an industry leader with international sales of all-fruit nutraceutical products, has unveiled a new website to reflect their focus on healthy living. Fruit juice concentrates, the original fruit softgels, USDA developed fruit bars and potent liquids are all highlighted on the updated website. - April 24, 2009

FruitFast® Celebrates National Cherry Month - Offers Special Pricing on Cherry Products

In honor of National Cherry Month, FruitFast is highlighting its leading Montmorency tart cherry products with special pricing for the month of February. - February 05, 2009

FruitFast® Offers Year-End Discount on All-Natural Products -- Looks to New Year with Additional Products and Growth

FruitFast® makes whole fruit goodness available year-round. FruitFast is offering a 10% discount on all product orders during December. - December 11, 2008

November is National Pomegranate Month

Wonderful Pomegranates in Spotlight as a Superfruit. - November 08, 2008

Black Raspberry Softgels: Healthy New Addition to FruitFast’s Top-Selling Supplement Line

FruitFast®, a leader in the fruit supplement industry, is introducing Black Raspberry Softgels - the newest addition to their popular line of healthy value-added products. - October 02, 2008

Back to School Means Back to Basic Nutrition for Kids

Brownwood Acre’s FruitFast Bars - a healthy addition to brown bag lunches - September 19, 2008

FruitFast® Lowers Price of Best-Selling Softgels

FruitFast makes whole fruit goodness available year round at a reduced price in convenient fruit supplement capsules. Their proprietary process includes the fruits’ skin and pulp to capture the healthy benefits of antioxidants and anthocyanins. - August 15, 2008

Good News: Weather Not a Factor for FruitFast Prices and Supplies

Fruit Freezes but Company Holds Fast on Pricing. The Midwest's recent adverse weather conditions may lead to a 30% drop in the red tart cherry crop this year, but FruitFast, America's exclusive producer of whole-fruit softgel capsules has announced that prices of their tart cherry products will not be affected. - July 04, 2008

FruitFast® Tart Cherry Juice Makes Cherries Available Anytime - Cherry Juice Concentrate Remains Consistent Top-Seller

Steady sales have made Brownwood Acres/FruitFast® America's No. 1 selling brand of Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate. The Montmorency tart cherries used for the concentrate are grown in northwest lower Michigan, the tart cherry capital of the world. - June 26, 2008

FruitFast® Captures Wild Blueberry Robust Goodness and Flavor - 100% Fruit in Concentrate, Softgels, Liquid and Bars

Blueberries are in the health spotlight and FruitFast, originator and exclusive producer of whole fruit softgel capsules, is maximizing this remarkable fruit's healthy properties. - May 31, 2008

Wonderful Pomegranate Now in Liquid Form - a Healthful Addition to Fruit Recipes

Gaining in popularity as one of nature’s superfruits, the healthful goodness of Wonderful Pomegranates is now available in convenient teaspoon-full quantities, changing the usual 8 ounce serving of juice to one easy swallow. Each teaspoon of FruitFast® Wonderful Pomegranate Liquid Fruit... - May 09, 2008

FruitFast Blog Features Hors d’oeuvres to Desserts

FruitFast® Liquids make tasty, healthy addition to recipes. Restaurant chefs to homemakers are adding the 100% fruit product to an array of recipes for taste, color and nutrition. - May 03, 2008

FruitFast® Announces Customer Appreciation Sale 50% Savings on Liquid Fruit Supplements and Bars

For a limited time, customers can enjoy tremendous savings on two of the company’s popular whole fruit products: liquid fruit supplements and fruit bars. - March 22, 2008

Free Bottle of FruitFast® Softgels Available for Limited Time

Customers find Mystery Bottle with all orders. With every order of FruitFast® products shipped, a free bottle of the company’s popular fruit supplement softgels will be included. This limited time offer is valued at over $20. - March 08, 2008

Tart Cherry Juice vs CherryFlex® Softgel: FruitFast‚ Compares Products

Delivering the Power of Fruit Naturally…is consumer’s choice. - February 23, 2008

National Cherry Month Focuses on Healthy Ruby Red Fruit

Tart cherries are in the spotlight during February, National Cherry Month. To celebrate National Cherry Month, FruitFast® is offering 5% off on all products ordered online. The Montmorency Tart Cherry is featured in popular FruitFast® products year round. - February 09, 2008

November is National Pomegranate Month

FruitFast Makes this Exotic, Healthy Fruit Available All Year Long - November 16, 2007

Fruit Supplement Company Expands Offerings in 2007; New Year Promises to Bring Additional Growth to FruitFast®

FruitFast® makes whole fruit goodness available year-round. FruitFast is offering a 10% discount on all product orders placed online for a limited time. - November 04, 2007

Wild Blueberries Help Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Year-round Goodness in Gelcaps, Liquids and Fruit Bars. FruitFast® makes whole fruit goodness available no matter what the season. FruitFast’s proprietary process uses the fruit’s skin and pulp to deliver antioxidants in every bite and spoonful. - October 28, 2007

Wonderful Pomegranate Now Comes in a Variety of Forms

FruitFast, exclusive producer and innovator of the most potent fruit supplements on the market, introduces the Antioxidant benefits of Whole Pomegranates in their Wonderful Pomegranate Fruit Supplement Line. - October 20, 2007

FruitFast Introduces MixedBerry Fruit Supplement Bars - 100% Fruit in Every Bite of USDA Patented Bars

FruitFast, exclusive producer and innovator of the most potent fruit supplements on the market, introduces USDA patented MixedBerry Fruit Supplement Bars. The MixedBerry Bar is 40-grams and provides three of the recommended five servings of fruit per day. The MixedBerry Bar with Dark Chocolate supplies two servings of fruit. USDA developed and patented, FruitFast Bar’s proprietary process delivers concentrated amounts of the dark-pigmented berries. - October 12, 2007

Mixed Berry Liquid is All Natural and Packs 200mg of Anthocyanins in a Single Teaspoon

FruitFast, exclusive producer and innovator of the most potent fruit supplements on the market, introduces new liquid fruit supplements. The new highly concentrated liquid delivers the antioxidant value of 200mg of Anthocyanins in a single teaspoon. - October 06, 2007

Seasonal Goodness Available Any Time, All the Time with FruitFast ‘Delivering the Power of Fruit’…Naturally

New fruit supplement products use all natural whole fruit. - September 22, 2007

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