Royal Approval for MR Solutions with Queen’s Award Win at Buckingham Palace

MR Solutions, the Surrey-based manufacturer of preclinical MRI imaging systems, was received by the Queen at Buckingham Palace on July 11 in celebration of their Queen’s Award for Enterprise which is awarded in recognition of their outstanding success in growing overseas sales. This is the second Queen’s Award that MR Solutions has won, the previous one was for innovation in 2016. - July 19, 2017

MR Solutions Introduces 9.4T Preclinical MRI Imaging Solution to Cardiovascular Sector

MR Solutions’ new 9.4 tesla cryogen free preclinical scanners created great interest from cardiologists at the 20th Annual Scientific Sessions of the Society for Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance (SCMR). - March 08, 2017

MR Solutions to Supply Cryogen-Free 7T Simultaneous PET-MR Preclinical Imaging System for the Study of Alzheimer’s and Stroke at the University of Southern California

MR Solutions has received an order for a high-powered 7T, cryogen-free, preclinical PET-MRI multi-modality imaging system from the newly formed pre-clinical imaging resource at the Zilkha Neurogenetic Institute (ZNI) at the Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California... - September 22, 2016

MR Solutions Accelerates Sales of Its Preclinical Multi-Modality, High Field, Cryogen Free Scanners

Simultaneous and sequential PET-MR imaging systems with proven reference sites on show at 2016 WMIC in New York. - September 08, 2016

MR Solutions Receives Queen’s Award from Lord Lieutenant of Surrey

MR Solutions has received the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise from the Lord Lieutenant of Surrey at their Guildford headquarters in July to mark their achievement for innovation. MR Solutions received the accolade for the development and commercial success of its preclinical... - August 11, 2016

MR Solutions Receives Queen’s Award for Enterprise at Buckingham Palace

MR Solutions, the Surrey-based preclinical imaging company, received royal approval when attending a reception at Buckingham Palace to receive the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise (Innovation). This was achieved in recognition of their development of the world’s first commercial... - July 21, 2016

MR Solutions Offers Choice of Two Preclinical Cryogen-Free MRI Scanner Ranges

MR Solutions, which introduced cryogen-free MRI scanners in 2012, is now offering a choice of two cryogen-free preclinical scanner ranges – the Flexiscan and Powerscan. The Flexiscan range is available with multi-modality accessories which can be mixed and matched according to research... - June 24, 2016

MR Solutions to Display Cryogen-Free MRI Imaging Systems at ISMRM in Singapore

MR Solutions will be displaying its latest ground-breaking preclinical cryogen-free MRI imaging systems at ISMRM in Singapore from May 7 to 13. This includes details of a new 9.4T cryogen-free scanner and a compact 3T system with a 12cm bore which are coming soon. All of MR Solutions’... - May 08, 2016

MR Solutions Wins Queen’s Award for Enterprise

MR Solutions, of Guildford has won the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the innovation category. This award is announced on the Queen’s birthday, 21 April and is one of the UK’s highest accolades recognising business achievement. This has been achieved in recognition... - April 23, 2016

MR Solutions Brings New 3D, 1000X Magnification Imaging Modality to Preclinical Research

MR Solutions’ new 3D in vivo confocal microscope for use in preclinical research provides a magnification range of up to 1000 times, allowing researchers to examine cellular details within a live small animal eliminating the need for a surgical biopsy - saving time and substantially reducing costs. - February 24, 2016

New Technology from MR Solutions Could Mean That Our Children Can Still Have Helium Party Balloons in the Future

Helium filled party balloons could be relegated to the past if the supply of helium dwindles, but MR Solutions, the world technology leader in preclinical MRI systems could be riding to the rescue with scanners that do not require liquid helium. - July 25, 2015

MR Solutions Displays World-Leading Cryogen-Free Magnet Technology at ISMRM and SNMMI Conferences

Delegates visiting MR Solutions’ new exhibition stand at ISMRM 2015 and SNMMI 2015, in June 2015, were thrilled to see the company’s 3T, 4.7T and 7T MRI cryogen-free magnet technology for preclinical imaging. The preclinical MRI systems provide superior soft tissue contrast and high spatial resolution and can now be placed inside a Class 3 or 4 laboratory as external venting is no longer needed. - July 15, 2015

MR Solutions Demonstrates Preclinical Multi-Modality Imaging Systems in Toronto

MR Solutions, based in Guildford, UK, will be exhibiting preclinical imaging systems at the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine in Toronto. - May 01, 2015

MR Solutions Brings Preclinical MRI Technology to Class 3 and 4 Laboratories

Preclinical cryogen-free MRI multi-modality benchtop scanners are now available for Class 3 and 4 laboratories. - April 15, 2015

MR Solutions Now Provides Maintenance and Upgrade Support for Agilent and Other Preclinical Scanners

A new maintenance and upgrade service is available for existing Agilent MRI preclinical imaging equipment, by MR Solutions Ltd, based in Guildford, Surrey. Following Agilent’s withdrawal from this market, a package of maintenance and upgrade solutions has been developed to ensure that these... - March 21, 2015

MR Solutions Announces the First Installations of Its Second Generation Cryogen Free Magnet Technology for Increased Scientific Capabilities in Preclinical MRI

MR Solutions has introduced its second generation MRI magnet technology to its range of ground breaking 3T and 7T, cryogen free, preclinical scanners. Features of this new technology include variable field operation, higher intrinsic magnetic field homogeneity, larger fields of view (FOV)... - December 03, 2014

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