Fibreform Successfully Delivers the First Parts for Northrop Grumman‘s Joint Strike Fighter Program

Fibreform completes the first delivery for the JSF Program on time and with 100% quality. - May 14, 2015

Boeing DPD/MBD Approval Attests to Fibreform Precision Machining’s Commitment to Excellence

As a leading certified supplier of the aerospace industry, Fibreform Precision Machining, Inc. successfully obtained the DPD/MBD approval from Boeing, one of the world’s largest aero-structure manufacturers, after a rigorous auditing process. This approval is the latest milestone in the... - March 20, 2015

Fibreform Precision Machining Augmented Its Capabilities with New Global Performance Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)

Fibreform Precision Machining, Inc., a leading manufacturer of aerospace and defense machined parts, continues its commitment to excellence through the acquisition of the Global Performance 9.12.8 Silver Edition CMM. This addition ensures Fibreform’s truly comprehensive capability, combining... - March 15, 2015

Kubotek and Catia Software Elevate Fibreform Precision Machining’s Services to New Levels

Fibreform Precision Machining expanded its capabilities with the procurement of Kubotek validation software and Catia Cad software. The move followed the Company’s earlier acquisition, the Global Performance 9.12.8 CMM running PC-DMIS CAD++, as the next step toward the most up-to-date... - March 15, 2015

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