ePIPE® Team Awarded U.S. Patent for Application of an “In-place” Coating to Protect Drinking Water Pipes Against Corrosion and Leaks

ePIPE has been awarded another patent that provides protection against leaks and the harmful effects of corrosion that can result in lead and copper leaching. - August 12, 2017

ePIPE® Team Awarded U.S. Patent, Brings Lead Leaching from Lead Service Lines Into Compliance

Pipe Restoration Technologies announced it has been granted a patent for protection against harmful lead and copper leaching in LSLs. - June 22, 2017

Test Confirms ePIPE's LeadSmart™ Technology Brings Lead Levels Into Compliance with EPA Guidelines

A lead test recently conducted after an ePIPE restoration project revealed the patented epoxy coating is the fastest method to safely bring lead leaching into compliance. Independent test results showed that after ePIPE was applied to the lead pipes, lead leaching in the tap water was reduced to levels far below the United States EPA’s cutoff of 15ppb. Not only do the public mains and branch lines need to be protected, but the pipes inside buildings and homes may also have lead contributors. - October 27, 2016

ePIPE®’s Newest Patent: A Proven Solution for Water Conservation and Reducing Lead Leaching in Drinking Water Pipes

ePIPE® Lead-Free, Leak-Free™ pipe restoration system has been granted its 15th U.S. patent, #9352357, for effectively and safely sealing leaks and protecting pipes from lead leaching. - June 02, 2016

ePIPE® Provides Solution for Hong Kong's Toxic Lead-Contaminated Water

Pipe Restoration Technologies is announcing that its patented ePIPE® epoxy coating technology has been provided as a positive solution to solve Hong Kong’s toxic lead contamination of parts of its clean water distribution system. - January 21, 2016

ePIPE® Prevents Customer-Side Domestic Water Leakage of 14.5 Million Gallons of Water Per Year in California

PRI is currently preventing nearly 14.5 million gallons of clean water from being wasted each year in California, thanks to its revolutionary ePIPE leak protection technology. - April 15, 2015

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