2C Light Co. Ltd. and TK Corporation Sign MOU for Exclusive Supply of Electricity Generating Solar Fabric, SolFab™

After many years producing solar wearable technology products, 2C Light has been looking for a source of power that can be more highly integrated into fashion and other outdoor equipment. They found the solution in Korea. - November 30, 2016

Nepal Sent Wearable Technology to Aid Emergency

Wearable technology, self-charging and hands-free lights sent to Nepal to help survival, restoration and repair. - May 17, 2015

New Ways to Benefit from Renewable Energy, Self-Charging Headlamps from 2C Light Company

USA plans to train 75,000 US workers for the exploding solar industry, with focus on large scale utility installations, while the innovative 2C Light Company has developed self-generating lights that are totally integrated into a person’s clothing – wearable green technology! - April 16, 2015

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