Ideas & Jellyfish - a New Book of Short Stories by Askin Ozcan

Published by Prakash Books in India, Ideas & Jellyfish by Askin Ozcan contains twenty seven humourous and philosophical short stories. ISBN 978 81 7234 373 6 - May 31, 2011

Askin Ozcan, a New International Author, Signs Contract with Leading Publisher in India

Askin Ozcan, author of six books published in the U.S.A, has signed contract with Prakash Books of India, to publish two of his books in India, in English and Hindi. - August 18, 2009

The Mini-Submarine is Now Out

"The Mini Submarine," a new, exciting romantic thriller by Askin Ozcan, has now been published by Xlibris. - February 14, 2009

Books by Askin Ozcan Gaining International Popularity

Askin Ozcan is a new name in the international literary market. His recently published five books in different genres, are becoming popular globally and attracting the interest of the world media. His sixth book will be out in February 2009. - January 26, 2009

A New Novelette by the Turkish Author Askin Ozcan, on the Way to be an Exciting Film: The Red Submarine

Askin Ozcan, originally a native of Istanbul, Turkey, has recently copyrighted "The Red Submarine," a novelette, for a film of espionage, suspense, romance, music and humor. - February 23, 2008

"Stockholm Stories" by Askin Ozcan--A New Book of Memoirs, Unbiased, Interesting, Original; A True Document of Thirty Years of Encounters in This Lovely City of the North

Askin Ozcan chose Stockholm, Sweden, to settle in, after having lived in many countries. In as much as this was his personal choice, he doesn't deny that there was also an element of "miracle" in this choice, which he explains in his book, "Stockholm Stories." The book is an interesting, unbiased account of his life in Stockholm, mentioning the author's positive and negative experiences in it, during his thirty years of residence. - January 16, 2008

The Second Venice by Askin Ozcan - Will This New Humorous Masterpiece be a "Best Seller?"

Everyone is talking about "The Second Venice", built by Pshht Cola and McBigBite - a splendid fantasy satire- as The Italian Government is trying to cope with the problems of Venice. Trade Paperback, 154 pages, $ 16.95 - ISBN 1598000888 (Outskirts Press). Available as retail, in major internet bookshops. Wholesale : Ingrams. - November 27, 2007

Lightning and a Bouquet of Roses - a New Title with Lovely, Heartfelt Poetry by Askin Ozcan - Isbn 1424111870 (Publish America)

"Lightning And A Bouquet Of Roses" contains a selection of poems Askin Ozcan has written in all his life. Poems deal with existence, love, universe and the book contains two award-winning poems: "Thunderstorm" and "Costa del Sol." - November 26, 2007

Wisdom in Smile - A New Book of Humorous Short Stories by Askin Ozcan ISBN 142577153x (Xlibris)

Twenty two selected humorous and philosophical short stories by Askin Ozcan. This trade paperback is a very interesting and pleasant good read. Published by Xlibris. 100 pages. $ 15.99 (suggested retail price) - November 13, 2007

"Small Miracles" by Askin Ozcan: An Exciting New Book, by an Interesting New Author

"Small Miracles" by Askin Ozcan - A new book in the genre "Religion/ Inspirational", relating thirty true stories of small miracles, from the author's own life. ISBN 1598001000 (Outskirts Press Inc.) Soft cover, 124 pages, 5"x 8". Suggested retail price: $16.95 - November 06, 2007

A New Author in International Markets: Askin Ozcan

Askin Ozcan has published five books in the past two years, which are sold globally through 200 internet bookshops and can be ordered at 25.000 bookstores, by giving their ISBN: The Second Venice- ISBN 1598000888 (Outskirts Press); Wisdom In Smile - ISBN 142577153X (Xlibris); Small Miracles - ISBN 1598001000 (Outskirts Press); Stockholm Stories - ISBN 1425771629 (Xlibris); Lightning and a Bouquet of Roses - ISBN 1424111870 (Publish America). - October 24, 2007

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