The Brown Firm PLLC Creates Wrongful Termination Blog Series

Know your rights as an employee. The Brown Firm PLLC created a blog series centered around wrongful termination to educate both employers and employees. - December 31, 2017

VA Wrongful Termination Attorney Supports Locals with ADA Cases

The Brown Firm PLLC employment law lawyers stand ready to help Virginia residents who have suffered wrongful termination under the protections provided by the Americans with Disabilities Act. - November 16, 2017

Brown Firm Supplies Resources to Assist Northern VA Residents in Finding a Criminal Defense Attorney

The Brown Firm, an experienced criminal defense firm in Northern VA, explains the necessity of an experienced criminal defense attorney and provides informative guidelines on finding the best defense. - March 03, 2017

Virginia Law Firm Celebrates 75 Years of Criminal Defense Experience

The Brown Firm, a specialist firm serving clients in the DC metro area since 1941, offers experienced criminal defense attorneys and expert advice regarding criminal defense to residents of Northern Virginia. - December 29, 2016

Brown Law Firm PLLC Includes on Breach of Employment Contract Resources on Website

Alexandria, Virginia employment law firm, The Brown Firm PLLC have released a new online resource on the breach of employment contracts. - February 07, 2016

The Brown Firm PLLC Now Offers Free Consultations for DUI Cases

The Brown Firm will now offer free consultations for those facing a first-time or subsequent DUI charge. With this new service offering, the firm offers expert advice and representation for DUI/DWI cases. - January 10, 2016

The Brown Firm PLLC Expands Legal Services in Alexandria, Virginia

Because the penalties can be severe for leaving an accident scene, the Brown Firm PLLC is pleased to expand its legal services to include reckless driving defense defense to Alexandria, VA. - January 06, 2016

Alexandria VA Traffic Lawyer Expands Services for Local Residents

It is easier for a driver to get his or her license suspended than is commonly assumed, and the consequences for driving with a suspended license can be serious. Brown Law Firm PLLC is now offering legal services in this area to Alexandria, VA. - September 11, 2015

The Brown Firm PLLC Releases New Online Resources on Virginia DUI Laws

The Brown Firm has released a new website for new and existing clients. This site focuses on educating consumers about Virginia DUI and Traffic laws and how to evaluate legal service providers. - July 02, 2015

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