World-Renowned Autosol® Metal Care Products Now Available Through IMS Company

IMS Company becomes a North American distributor of Autosol® metal and mold care products. The Autosol® product line is designed by some of Germany’s finest engineers and distinguishes itself in specificity of polishes and professional quality. These products reduce cleaning time, protect a variety of metals, and allow machine cycles to run more efficiently for longer. - July 22, 2016

IMS Company Introduces Dependable Economy Bronze Sprue Puller Tools for Any Manufacturing Shop or Maintenance Technician

IMS Company supplements its already impressive handheld tool collection with the addition of Economy Bronze Sprue Puller Tools. This line is not limited to sprue pulling. In fact, all workers can benefit from these indispensable tools. Easily maintain molds, offer employees versatile tool options, and diminish operating expenses with this comprehensive Sprue Puller Kit. - July 22, 2016

IMS Streamlines Hot Runner Mold and Cable Troubleshooting with the New MoldXChecker and CableXChecker

IMS introduces the MoldXChecker and CableXChecker to its catalog of solutions for the plastics processing industry. Designed to significantly reduce time and remove guesswork for troubleshooting molds and cables on a hot runner system, these Checkers quickly and easily detect and direct engineers to the problem source. - May 11, 2016

IMS Now Offers PurgePods™ as a Simple Solution During Material Change Outs for Plastic Molders

IMS Company facilitates fast and simple material change outs with its new product PurgePods™. Easily and effectively remove color residue, previous materials, and carbon buildup on the screw and barrel by simply adding the pod into the hopper along with virgin process resin and letting the operation run. - April 30, 2016

IMS Company Rolls Out the Industrial Molding ResQ Cart for Plastic Processors

IMS Company developed the ResQ Cart to save shops time and effort when switching molds, fixing a press, or performing other general shop maintenance, with unique features designed to fit a molder’s everyday needs. - September 13, 2015

IMS Delivers a New Option for Plastic Molding Maintenance: The IMS Screw Handler

Designed specifically for injection and extrusion molders, the brand new IMS Screw Handler facilitates the handling and transportation of hot molding screws while keeping maintenance workers safe. - May 02, 2015

IMS Company Opens Its Custom Machining and Fabrication Capabilities to the Industrial Market

IMS’ fabrication, machining, and design services have now been added to its list of offerings, expanding its industry capabilities to include quoting a wide range of customized parts and machinery. - April 12, 2014

IMS Company Enables Precise Temperature Control Through Its New Hydra Water Cooled Circulator

As the newest member to the IMS Hydra series, IMS Company offers the redesigned water cooled temperature controller to the industrial market; facilitating the control, accuracy, and efficiency of water circulation. - February 26, 2014

IMS Company Launches Complete Redesign of Its Website

Redesigning its website for optimized user experience, IMS Company goes live with its new site that reflects the needs of the industrial market. - August 30, 2013

IMS Company Introduces the IMS Hydra Air Cooled Circulator to the Industrial Market

IMS Company releases its new air cooled circulator that does not require an external water source, making it mobile, efficient, and cost-effective for companies with a limited or expensive water supply. - August 01, 2013

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