BackupAssist v6.2.4 Makes Monitoring Backups Even Easier with SBS 2011 Performance Report Integration

Cortex I.T. Labs Pty. Ltd, a leading Windows backup software developer, has just made monitoring backups even easier with their latest release of BackupAssist, version 6.2.4, which includes SBS 2011 Report Integration. - July 01, 2011

New BackupAssist™ v6 Eliminates More Windows Backup Hassles Than Ever Before

Cortex I.T. Labs Pty. Ltd, a world leading Windows backup software developer has just released an update of its highly successful BackupAssist product that is expected to pose a new marketplace challenge for its competitors based on functionality and value for money. - September 20, 2010

New BackupAssist™ v6 Ready to Tackle Backups on Windows 2010 Business Products

Cortex I.T. Labs Pty. Ltd, a world leading Windows backup software developer has just announced that it will soon be releasing a new, updated version of its highly successful BackupAssist product. - June 09, 2010

SBS Migration IT Pro Conference New Orleans, USA May 28: Linus Chang Addresses Optimization and How to Use Products Like BackupAssistTM to Help Increase Profits

Linus Chang CEO of Cortex I.T. and marketer of world-leading backup software brand BackupAssist, will be attending the SBS Migration IT Pro Conference in New Orleans from May 28 – 30 to discuss optimization and how to go about increasing profits in a flagging economy. - May 15, 2010

BackupAssist’s Centralized Monitoring Console Increases Efficiency by Up to 40%

Cortex I.T., world-leading backup software developer, announced today that more customers are signing up as Gold Resellers in order to access the BackupAssist Centralized Monitoring Console facility. - May 06, 2010

A New Product from Cortex I.T. Makes Hyper-V Cost-Savings More Realistic for SMBs

Cortex I.T., a world-leading Windows® backup software developer, has just released a new product that makes Hyper-V products easier and more affordable for SMBs. - March 15, 2010

New BackupAssist™ Product Revolutionizes Hyper-V Backup Processes for SMBs

Cortex I.T, a world leading backup software developer, has revolutionized Hyper-V backup processes with their new BackupAssist Add-on product, just released live. - February 11, 2010

New BackupAssist Tape Drive Solution for Server 2008 Flies Off the Shelves

Cortex IT, leading Australian backup software developer announces record downloads of their new BackupAssist tape drive support solution for Windows Server 2008. - October 23, 2009

New BackupAssist Zip-to-Tape Add-on Saves the Day with NTBackup Replacement for Windows Server 2008

When Microsoft released Windows Server 2008 without NTBackup tape support, many I.T. Administrators using tape drive backups were outraged. They were left with few choices: write-off their significant investments in tape drive hardware, or attempt to source third party tape backup software – an option that seemed likely to increase the complexity and expense of tape backups to a point where they were no longer a viable backup solution. - October 14, 2009

BackupAssist Hits the Market with the First Simple, Affordable Hyper-V Backup Solution

Leading IT software developer of BackupAssist products, Cortex I.T, has hit the market with a breakthrough solution that completely simplifies Hyper-V backup tasks, launching their public beta test of the product today. - October 13, 2009

Cortex I.T. Pty Ltd and BackupAssist™ Present a Complete Hyper-V Backup Solution at SMB Nation in Las Vegas, October 2 - 4

“How do you backup a Hyper-V server?” It’s a question asked by IT professionals everywhere and Linus Chang from Cortex I.T. will be giving you the answer live at SMB Nation’s 2009 Conference in Las Vegas. - September 15, 2009

Windows Server Backup Now Exchange 2007 Aware Thanks to Cortex I.T.'s Labs Backup Software, BackupAssist

In a World’s first, Melbourne based company Cortex I.T. Labs Pty Ltd has introduced a solution that makes the in-built backup program in Windows Server 2008 capable of backing up Exchange Server 2007. BackupAssist, the company’s flagship product, now features a plug-in that makes... - February 19, 2009

New Product Allows for Automatic Compression and Encryption of Windows Backup Files, Overcoming a Long-Standing Limitation

Cortex I.T. Labs, developer of BackupAssist and a global leader in SMB Data Protection, has added 7-zip compression capabilities to Windows Backup, overcoming one of the major limitations of the popular backup program. Windows Backup (also known as NTBackup) is used by millions of system... - November 13, 2007

New SQL Backup Product Delivers Enterprise Level Protection to Small and Medium Businesses at a Fraction of the Cost

Cortex I.T. Labs, developers of BackupAssist and a global leader in SMB Data Protection, has developed a new and unique SQL Server backup solution that provides businesses with complete protection and disaster recovery for critical data. “We designed our software to be simple enough that a... - November 02, 2007

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