Randall Evaluates Dredging Equipment to Maximize Production

When a dredge is in water, unexploded ordnances, roots, large rocks and logs enter or block its suction inlet causing safety concerns, delays or loss of production. Dr. Robert Randall talks about his research that can help mitigate this problem. - July 23, 2016

Women in Materials Science Engages Young Students to Shrink Gender Diversity Gap in Engineering

Research shows that America desperately needs professionals specializing in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) to expand and advance its economy and society. Currently less than 15 percent of engineers are women. To reverse this statistic, maintaining enthusiasm in science,... - April 02, 2016

Superelastic Adaptive Alloy Could Improve the Success Rate of Childhood Scoliosis Treatment

Two Texas A&M University materials scientists have developed an alloy that could reduce surgical complications in young patients of early-onset scoliosis. - February 03, 2016

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