Power Plant ENEX 65 Has Been Shipped to Uzbekistan

ENEX 65 power plant has been shipped to Turtsari oilfield in Qashqadaryo province under the World Bank-led Global Gas Flaring Reduction Partnership. - May 25, 2017

Rosneft Assesses the Advantages of Leasing Equipment of Russian Company BPC Engineering

JSC "NK "Rosneft" will lease from BPC Engineering a modern micro-turbine power plant ENEX 65 with a gas pressure reduction unit. - April 13, 2017

Microturbine CHP Plant Provides Power to Ski Resort in Belarus

A modern CHP Plant based on 65-kW microturbine was commissioned in Silichi Ski Resort located in Belarus. - December 30, 2016

ENEX CHP Plant Will Cover the Energy Needs of Paper Mill of Goznak, Belarus

BPC Engineering will supply two ENEX 1000 microturbine systems for the Industrial Unitary Enterprise "Paper Mill" of the Department of State Symbols of the Finance Ministry of the Republic of Belarus (Paper Mill of Goznak). - December 15, 2016

BPC Engineering Was Awarded with a Prize for the Best Distributed Generation Project

BPC Engineering received the "Golden Lightning" prize in the International Award "Distributed Power Generation – Great Achievements" which took place in Moscow, Russia. - December 11, 2016

BPC Engineering Will Implement a Project Under Global Initiative for Flaring Reduction

Under the World Bank-led Global Gas Flaring Reduction Partnership (GGFR), BPC Engineering will manufacture and supply ENEX power plants for the national holding company Uzbekneftegaz, Uzbekistan. - December 09, 2016

BPC Engineering Commissioned Microturbine CHP Plant for Cardiac Center in Minsk

BPC Engineering has commissioned an advanced microturbine power plant in Minsk for the Scientific and Practical Center "Cardiology" of the Ministry of Health of Belarus. - December 08, 2016

BPC Engineering to Manufacture COMPEX Compressors for Cryogenmash Laboratory Complex

BPC Engineering will manufacture and supply two COMPEX reciprocating compressor stations for Cryogenmash Laboratory Complex. - December 08, 2016

New Player on Mexican Oil and Gas Market

BPC Engineering is coming out to the Mexican market and signed an agreement with DTC ECOENERGIA for distributing COMPEX gas compression and processing equipment. This will allow BPC Engineering to expand its global presence and enter a new prospective region with high oil & gas projects potential. Today BPC Engineering has all the necessary resources to provide its partners with high-quality equipment, project support and maintenance service. - February 07, 2016

New Gas Treatment and Compression Equipment in Africa

BPC has signed a distribution agreement with the company SF Technologies, which became the exclusive representative of COMPEX equipment on the territory of the Republic of South Africa, as well as an official representative in Tanzania, Angola, Namibia, Congo, Gabon, Mozambique, Kenya, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Uganda. - February 07, 2016

New Power Solutions Came to Sakhalin, Russia

BPC Engineering launched the 600-kW ENEX power plant as a part of the boiler house in the Nysh village, Sakhalin Region. Modern CHP plant replaced the outdated diesel engine through gasification of the village, held in the year 2015. - February 07, 2016

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