World’s Most Expensive Chocolate Brand Creates "Noah’s Ark" of Ancient Cacao To’ak Chocolate Resurrects a 5,300-year-old Variety of Cacao in Ecuador

Famous for its ultra-luxurious dark chocolate aged in specialty casks, To'ak Chocolate is now creating a "Noah's Ark" of endangered cacao. The bold new project is aimed at resurrecting the oldest and rarest variety of cacao on earth, previously believed to be extinct. - January 25, 2018

Most Prized Cacao in the World on Brink of Extinction; To’ak Chocolate Raises Funds to Save the Only 15 Trees Left

To’ak Chocolate, young small-batch company known for their fair-trade luxury chocolate bars, launches a crowdfunding campaign to rescue ancient Ecuadorian cacao and thousands of years of flavor from extinction. - June 04, 2016

The World’s First Vintage Chocolate Aged for 18 Months, Launching for Easter 2016

The era of vintage dark chocolate has just begun. Boundary-pushing chocolate company To’ak launches a bar of dark chocolate that has been aged for 18 months in a 50-year-old Cognac cask. - March 23, 2016

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