The Transition to the GRI Reporting Standards

17th meetup to address the transition from the GRIG4 Guidelines to the GRI Standards - November 11, 2016

Sustainability Knowledge Group Supports UNDP and Lebanon’s Climate Initiatives

Sustainability Knowledge Group announces its support to the Lebanon Climate Act initiative as knowledge partner for the implementation of a "Business Knowledge Platform." Aim of the platform is to enable businesses to design and implement activities for the reduction of their carbon... - October 16, 2016

16th CSR & Sustainability Meetup Dubai to Address the Role of Women in CSR/Sustainability: Gender Balance & Business Performance

In the 16th CSR & Sustainability meetup subject experts will engage the audience in active discussions around gender balance & business performance. - May 21, 2016

15th CSR & Sustainability Meetup Dubai "Social Media Essentials for CSR & Sustainability Professionals”

15th CSR & Sustainability Meetup Dubai to address social media essentials for industry professionals. - April 10, 2016

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