AP2000 Sensor Application for Imperial University

Bell Flow Systems were recently approached by a public research university based in London to provide a product to help with their ongoing research in the environmental sector. - May 05, 2017

Offshore Oil Rig Installation with ATEX Mag Meter

Bell flow systems successfully supplied an electromagnetic flow meter for an offshore oil rig. - April 30, 2017

New Badger Meter Coriolis Mass Flow Meter

Introducing the RCT1000 Coriolis mass flow meter, the latest addition to Badger Meter USA’s growing product portfolio. The meters are renowned for their outstanding accuracy in measuring flow applications. - April 29, 2017

Competitively Priced Itron Heat Energy Meter from Bell Flow Systems

The CF-Echo ultrasonic heat flow meter from Itron is RHI and MID class 2 approved enabling them to be used in both domestic and non-domestic heating and cooling measurement applications. - April 22, 2017

Mac R6 Data Logger from Plum

The Plum Mac R6 is now available to buy from Bell Flow Systems. The data logging device is programmed via bluetooth with a free mobile application to set parameters and view data from the meter. - April 08, 2017

New FMT 3 Innovative Digital Flow Meter

The FMT 3 from Tecalemit is a rugged multi-purpose digital turbine flow meter featuring a symmetrical measurement chamber allowing the device to be used in both directions. - March 25, 2017

Ultrasonic Level Measurement Goes Completely Wireless

The demand for wireless communication in the field of sensors and measurement devices is forever increasing, with technology development operating nonstop. Introducing the LNU ultrasonic level measurement sensor suitable for applications where a power supply is unavailable. - March 19, 2017

Hinkley Point Mag Meter Application by Bell Flow Systems

Bell Flow Systems recently supplied a flow meter suitable for accurately measuring and recording the flow of sea water being pumped across a beach at Hinkley point. - March 15, 2017

Non-Invasive Flow Meter Installation for Aquatic Specialists

Bell Flow Systems have been commissioned by a company who specialize in maintaining aquatic exhibits in UK zoos, to provide them with a solution for ensuring the water quality is good enough for the animals. - March 04, 2017

BK Diaphragm Gas Meters - Available from Bell Flow Systems

Introducing Bell Flow Systems' newest range of diaphragm gas meters from Elster. The meters utilise a precision multi-chamber measurement design offering a long term stability. - March 02, 2017

Bespoke Fuel Management Project for Telecomms Company

Bell Flow Systems were approached by a Telecomms specialist company to provide a unique solution to a range of problems, surrounding supply, delivery, remote reporting and security that they were facing. - February 24, 2017

Mechanical Flow Meters Are Back at Bell Flow Systems

Bell Flow Systems welcome the return of mechanical M-Series oval gear flow meters. The M-Series meters offer proven reliability and excellent levels of accuracy and repeatability. - February 09, 2017

Axis Heat Meters Installed in the Skyscrapers of Dubai

The Qalcosonic ultrasonic heat energy meter from Axis have been recently installed in a 55-story skyscraper in the centre of Dubai. - January 20, 2017

Bell Flow Systems Launch New Range of Water Quality Products

Bell Flow Systems have recently released a complete range of process water sensors ideal for measuring and recording water quality. - January 12, 2017

Ljinus LNU Level Sensor Range Available from Bell Flow Systems

Bell Flow Systems introduce the new range of level sensor measurement products from Ljinus. The sensors utilise the ultrasonic method and are suitable for water level monitoring in a range of applications. - December 24, 2016

Vision Turbine Meter Series from Bell Flow Systems

Bell Flow Systems introduce the new collection of Vision Turbine meters from Badger Meter. The range includes the Vision 1000 suitable for low flow rates and the Vision 2000 and 3000. - December 22, 2016

Bell Flow Systems Launch Qalcosonic Heat Flow Meters

Introducing the new Qalcosonic heat flow meter from AXIS. The meters are MID Class 2 Approved and compliant with the RHI scheme. - December 16, 2016

TD-Diver Makes an Ideal Choice for Accurate Groundwater Measurement

Bell Flow Systems have introduced the new cost-effective TD-Diver, which is ideal for ground water measurement. - November 30, 2016

Bell Flow Systems Introduce Range of Itron Flow Meters

Another renowned supplier added to the company's growing portfolio is Itron. Bell Flow Systems are proud to be supplying an extensive range of water meters, gas meters and heat meters from Itron. Itron’s water meter range includes the Aquadis+; a rotary piston water meter, Woltex Woltmann... - November 03, 2016

Bell Flow Systems Staff Undertake Product Training on the Plum Mac R6

Bell Flow Systems have introduced a new telemetry system to their portfolio of environmental products. Last month the technical sales team were invited over to Bialystok in Poland for product training on the Plum Mac R6 – an intelligent readout and data logger. - October 31, 2016

Portable AquaPlus Meter for Water Quality Measurement

Bell Flow Systems are pleased to announce the launch of the water quality measurement instruments from Aquaread. Including the IP68 rated AquaPlus meter which is suitable for hand-held water quality monitoring. - October 13, 2016

Introducing the PG2 Digital Pressure Gauge from APG

Bell Flow Systems have launched a portfolio of environmental monitoring instrumentation to their already impressive product list. APG are just one of the many renowned suppliers that have been added recently. - September 25, 2016

Bell Flow Systems Launch New Website

Bell Flow Systems are happy to announce the release of the new and improved website. To make the website more accessible to potential customers the website has been made mobile friendly whilst adding a variety of new product categories. - September 17, 2016

AquaLink Data Logging Device from Bell Flow Systems

AquaLink II is a user friendly cost effective monitoring system that can be connected to the instruments, sensors and probes with the main purpose of enabling the transmission of real time data from remote locations to the server. - September 02, 2016

OIML and MID Approval for Battery Mag M5000

Bell Flow Systems are happy to announce that the ModMag M5000 from Badger Meter has been given OIML and MID approval. - August 04, 2016

Recently Released Turbine Meter from Blancett

Bell Flow Systems offer a wide selection of products from Badger Meter including the newly released QuikSert turbine flow meter. - June 09, 2016

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