Catalogue e-business Selects the Top Christmas 2010 Catalogue Covers

Out of 167 catalogues reviewed in November, Catalogue e-business picks four Christmas covers that stand out from the rest. - December 11, 2010

Price Cuts by Far the Most Popular Catalogue Promotion

Of the 520 catalogues analysed by Catalogue e-business magazine, more than one-third offered discounts; free delivery and gift with purchase offered by one in nine - June 11, 2009

M&A Activity Good News for Direct Sellers

Strategic acquisitions of catalogue and online brands suggests a rebound is at hand, according to Catalogue e-business magazine. - April 24, 2009

Cataloguers, Etailers More Likely Than Retailers to Survive Recession Says Catalogue/e-business Magazine

Catalogue/e-business magazine shares four reasons direct sellers are better equipped for doing business in tough—as well as not-so-tough—times. - January 29, 2009

"Emails We Love"—Marketing Emails That Work

It’s easy to poke fun of companies that send out mangled, mistyped and just plain horrific marketing emails. But you don’t often see companies that get email marketing right singled out for praise. Which is why Catalogue/e-business magazine in its 24 November issue is highlighting... - November 26, 2008

Once More Into a Security Breach for Remote Sellers

The fallout from the UK government's recent security lapses may have serious ramifications for distance sellers and the direct marketing industry, reports Catalogue/e-business magazine. - December 20, 2007

Catalogue/e-business Picks the Top Christmas Catalogue Covers

Marketers pull out all the stops for Christmas, and that includes creating some truly magical catalogue covers. - December 05, 2007

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