Quantachrome Instruments is Pleased to Announce That Its Autosorb iQ Surface Area and Pore Size Analyzers Have Been Chosen to Equip the New NIST FACT

Quantachrome Instruments is pleased to announce that its Autosorb iQ surface area and pore size analyzers have been chosen to equip the new NIST (National Institute of Standards) FACT (Facility for Adsorbent Characterization and Testing) laboratory in Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA. Several of... - January 16, 2014

Quantachrome Instruments Announces the Release of the New Quadrasorb Evotm Surface Area and Pore Size Analyzer

Quantachrome Instrments announces the release of the new Quadrasorb evo™ gas sorption analyzer. This surface area and pore size analyzer is designed for the needs of high throughput material characterization laboratories that can benefit from the four independent analysis stations. The Quadrasorb evo™ is available in both standard B.E.T. surface area modes equipped with the new QuickMode™ feature, as well as with a low pressure micropore model for low surface area analysis using Krypon gas. - November 03, 2013

Quantachrome Instruments Embarks on $500,000+ Expansion and Renovation/Upgrade of Its Facilities

In response to a sharp increase in business and number of employees over the last 5 years, and to ensure manufacturing capacity for anticipated growth over the next five years and beyond, Quantachrome Instruments’ headquarters in Boynton Beach is undergoing a major expansion and renovation/refurbishment project. - October 26, 2011

Quantachrome to Launch New Products at Pittcon

Quantachrome Instruments will debut the newest additions to its product line at the upcoming Pittcon Expo in Orlando Florida, taking place March 1-4, 2010. - February 25, 2010

Carbide Powder Supplier DiaPac Switches to Quantachrome Tap Density Machine

DiaPac LLC, a supplier of custom tungsten carbide powder blends, switches to using Quantachrome Instruments' Autotap for their packing density, or tap density, measurements on high density powders because of the Autotap's improved accuracy and greater ease of use. - September 18, 2009

Quantachrome to Showcase Latest Chemisorption Analyzer at 21NAM Conference

Quantachrome Instruments will be exhibiting its new Pulsar TPR/TPD catalyst characterization unit at the upcoming 21NAM Conference of the North American Catalysis Society in San Francisco, June 8-11, 2009. - June 04, 2009

New Software from Quantachrome for Pore Size and Surface Area Measurements

Quantachrome Instruments announces the release of the latest version of its AS1Win software, ver 2.01. The program is Windows Vista compliant and includes new functionality including the calculation of heats of adsorption - important for new environmental applications, and is also offered in parallel as a version developed to satisfy the additional special needs of the pharmaceutical industry. - February 04, 2009

New Surface Area Analyzer Models from Quantachrome

Quantachrome Instruments announces the launch of 2- and 3-sample versions of its popular Quadrasorb (4-sample) surface area and pore size analyzer. The new models retain the beneficial "each sample has its own dewar and transducer" features, but at a cost which is attractive to laboratories with smaller throughput requirements. - March 28, 2008

New for 2008 - Enhanced Surface Area Analyzer for Materials Research and Quality Assurance

Quantachrome announces that its popular NOVA series of rapid B.E.T surface area analyzers will be available in 2008 with an enhanced "calibration-free" analysis mode in addition to its already standard helium-free mode. This new versatility will make technology transfer easier in those industries where surface area measurement is a staple such as catalysts, chemicals, pharmaceutical & nanomaterials and where both techniques are commonly employed. - December 07, 2007

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