TTK’s Corporate Customers Get Reinforced Protection Against DDoS Attacks

TransTelekom (TTK), one of Russia's telecom giants, enters into Partner Agreement with DDoS-GUARD for providing protection against DDoS attacks for its corporate customers at application level. - December 07, 2017

A New Global DDoS Threat Hit DDoS-GUARD Clients

The emergence of a new botnet with a power superior to Mirai was predicted by analysts in early 2017. However, despite the warnings, IoT manufacturers did not eliminate the backdoors. - November 05, 2017

ISPsystem and DDoS-GUARD Made Reliable Protection Against DDoS Attacks Available to Everyone

The size of attacks grows year by year exponentially. The average number of attacks per hour can sometimes reach 5, while the largest DDoS attack ever monitored by providers is 1 Tbps. Because of denial of service attacks, businesses suffer huge losses. - October 27, 2017

DDoS-GUARD: The Average Size of DDoS Attacks Has Grown by 9.5 Times

According to the Q2 2017 statistic data, gathered by DDoS-GUARD, the most dangerous DDoS attacks happen on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays. - September 09, 2017

A Hosting Provider from China Was Targeted with 16 DDoS Attacks Within a Day

A sharp surge in incoming traffic towards one of DDoS-GUARD's customers was recorded on Monday in the second half of the day (according to statistics, Monday is one of the most favourite day of the week among hackers). The filtering system identified this traffic as illegitimate. Within 20 minutes... - September 02, 2017

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