Eckert Seaman’s Roberta Jacobs-Meadway Co-Chairs May 17 SeniorLAW Center Gala Benefit

The gala celebrates the work of the SeniorLAW Center, which aids Pennsylvanians faced with life-changing legal problems, and pays tribute to remarkable leaders, advocates, and elders. It features compelling stories, video, and celebration of the contributions of seniors throughout Pennsylvania. AGE OUT LOUD is the national theme for May, Older Americans Month, to amplify the many voices of older Americans and raise awareness of vital aging issues across the country. - May 17, 2017

Pro Bono Legal Services from Eckert Seamans Protect Family Photo Collection on View at New African American Museum

While Daniel S. Evans was excited to hear that the National Museum of African American History and Culture was interested in his mother’s collection of historic photographs and happy to share her legacy, he wanted to protect his family’s intellectual property. He called on Eckert Seamans in Philadelphia for assistance in copyrighting the Laura Fitzpatrick Photo Collection, which shows mid-20th century African American life in New York City. The firm was delighted to provide pro bono services. - September 28, 2016

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