INKAS® Releases New Video Featuring Sentry MPV in Action

The new Sentry MPV mates unique technical design with upgraded maneuverability. - July 05, 2018

INKAS® Security to Service All STM Locations in Montreal

INKAS® Security Services Ltd. announces a new partnership with STM in Montreal, QC. - March 11, 2018

Canadian Armored Vehicle Manufacturer Releases a “Civilian Edition” of Its Flagship APC

A mission-proven APC originally designed for law enforcement agencies all over the world has been reimagined as a civilian-piloted XL-SUV with an attitude. - March 08, 2018

INKAS® Security Services Ltd. Announces Its West Coast Expansion

INKAS® Security’s newly-opened branch in Alberta to offer cash in transit services and drive employment opportunities in the region. - March 04, 2018

The Future of Cash in Transit: INKAS®’ IVECO Daily 6 Hits the Roads

INKAS® has deployed a new cash-in-transit vehicle based on the IVECO Daily 6 DRW to fulfill cash management operations and transport of valuable assets and equivalents. - March 02, 2018

INKAS® Unveils an Armored Van Based on a Toyota Sienna

INKAS® adds the Toyota Sienna armored passenger van to its extensive line of discrete armored vehicles. - November 04, 2017

INKAS® Partners with Kore Design Studio to Exclusively Manufacture Its Unique Products

An exclusive agreement for manufacturing of carbon fiber products has been finalized between INKAS® Group of Companies and Kore Design Studio. - August 03, 2017

INKAS® Launches a New Eco-Friendly Cash-In-Transit Iveco Daily 6

Built in-house, the armored cash-in-transit van based on Iveco Daily is a perfect solution for cash management operations providing safe transportation of valuable assets and equivalents. - August 02, 2017

INKASTRANS Ltd. Appoints a New General Manager

As a part of the corporate global strategy INKASTRANS Ltd. has introduced management changes in Lagos, Nigeria. - July 23, 2017

INKAS® Introduces a New Line of Bank-Grade Luxury Safes

This week INKAS® is launching the first model in a new line of bank-grade luxury safes. It is made of an INKAS® patented ballistic poured concrete formula along with a reinforced re-bar substructure and complemented with various luxury features. - July 22, 2017

Victor Goodman is Appointed as President and CEO of INKAS® Security Services Ltd.

INKAS® Group of Companies, an international corporation with the presence in a multitude of industries and geographies, is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Victor Goodman as the new President and CEO of INKAS® Security Services Ltd., effective immediately. - April 27, 2017

INKAS® Israel Starts Full-Scale Operations

INKAS® Israel is differentiated from their competitors by their competitive rates and production turnaround both in Israel as well as neighboring countries. - April 20, 2017

INKAS® Has Commenced Full-Cycle Operations in Ottawa

INKAS® Security Services Ltd., a leader in the cash management industry, offers a full-cycle of security solutions, including the secured transportation of cash and its equivalents, ATM services and armed security. Recently, INKAS® has expanded its operation to Ottawa, Ontario, in order to... - November 19, 2016

INKAS® Armored Presents Its Products Together with AZCAN at ADEX-2016

INKAS® Armored Vehicle Manufacturing, a Canadian-based company specializing in the production of armored vehicles for private, commercial and military purposes, has introduced its new line of armored personnel carriers together with AZCAN Defence Solutions, during the second Azerbaijan... - September 30, 2016

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