Comfort Life Unveils One-of-a-Kind Comparison Tool has just released a unique comparison tool offering Canadian families a simple means of comparing and contrasting senior care choices near them. The tool presents a simple one-to-one comparison of multiple data points, including over 20 key factors (such as cost, distance, care offered), and more than 100 details about amenities, features and more. - April 08, 2018

Comfort Life Magazine Released: Find the Best Places to Retire in Canada

The 15th annual Comfort Life magazine is being distributed this week through the Globe and Mail and the Vancouver Sun. It helps Canadians find the best places to retire. - October 20, 2017

Comfort Life Announces the Best Places to Retire in Alberta

Comfort Life releases its 2017 list of best places to retire in Alberta, unique from other sources in that it offers personal anecdotes and interviews with actual retirees within those towns and cities. - July 08, 2017

Comfort Life Launches Retirement Home Reviews for Canadian Families

Comfort Life Media has just launched a retirement community reviews portal, the latest tool to help Canadian families make the critical decision about which retirement community to move into. - May 19, 2017

Comfort Life Announces Best Places to Retire for 2017

If you are looking ahead to 2017 as the year you finally downsize and buy that retirement dream home, check out Comfort Life's lists of some of the best places to retire in Canada, including best places to retire in BC, and in Southwestern Ontario. - November 10, 2016

Comfort Life's 14th Annual Retirement Living Guide Released Nationally

Comfort Life magazine's 14th annual issue will be released nationally this month. The magazine and website now reach more Canadians than ever before: over 350,000 people annually. This year, there are 2.5 million Canadians 75 and older, and just under 6 million (16.5% of the population) who are 65 and older. - October 15, 2016 – One Stop for All Retirement Decisions

Canada's portal on year round education and camps has now come full-circle with a revamp of its site on retirement options across the country. A more comprehensive and easy-to-navigate search engine, richly researched articles and advice columns, and an expanded financial planning section makes Canada’s one-stop shop for any retirement living inquiries. - May 19, 2010

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