ASPIRA Inc. of Pennsylvania Launches New Cyber School Initiative

ASPIRA Inc. of Pennsylvania to launch its cyber school initiative for the 2017-18 school year. After a year of refining ASPIRA Bilingual Cyber Charter School programs, ABCCS Principal Nancy Ruiz has produced an effective cyber school model addressing social, emotional and physical education needs. - June 23, 2017

ASPIRA Improves Students’ Motivation to Stay in Olney Charter High School

Olney Charter High School's graduation rate dramatically improved after ASPIRA Inc of Pennsylvania began administration. The graduation rate calculation has changed since the public school converted to a charter school. Student motivation has also changed, according to the data. - January 29, 2017

ASPIRA Schools Prove the Benefits of Bilingual Education

Two Philadelphia charter schools may prove the bilingual education model advances student learning and development. State test scores and social observation show better overall performance among students at two bilingual schools teaching the same population as their single-language counterparts. - December 18, 2016

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