Warp United Release VLK-3R1 RFID Triage Tags for Mass Casualty Incident

Warp United Release VLK-3R1 RFID Triage Tags for Mass Casualty Incident

The VLK-3R1 RFID Triage Tag for Mass Casualty Incident brings Emergency Medical Services (EMS) to the Internet of Things era. - June 29, 2018

Warp United Release MedLion™ High Speed MRI Coils

A new MRI Coil series based on nano material technology that introduce higher Signal-Noise-Ratio and providing improved MRI imaging. - October 24, 2017

Warp United Upgrades Valkan 3 Medical Tablet

Warp 3 Medical Recorder is now for outdoor and ambulance operation. - October 20, 2017

Warp United Release SanStar™ Android Medical Motherboards in Mass Production

SanStar WS-3A Android medical motherboard is designed from the platform of Warp 3 Medical Recorder, and based on RK3288 Quad-core Cortex-A17 @ 1.8GHz and ARM Mali-T764 GPU to meet the diverse requirements in smart medical devices. - September 05, 2017

Warp United Appoints Bright Time Industrial as Export Broker for Warp 3 Medical Recorder

The collaboration will strengthen Warp United’s offerings in the global market, adding particular strength in the European Union marketplace. It brings particularly strong expertise in financing and freight. - July 25, 2017

Warp United Won "Excellent Enterprise" Award in China Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition

Warp United Scientific Co., Ltd. ("Warp United") won the "Excellent Enterprise" award in the China Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition 2016, Bio-Medical section. The competition, whose final stage was held in Amoy, China, was launched by the Ministry of Science and... - July 05, 2017

Warp United is Raising $3m Series-A Funding

Warp United, founded in April 2013, an award winning Health 2.0/Point-of-Care company in Shenzhen China, announced her plan to raise USD 3 millions series A funding for global operation. Warp United has launched its first product, Warp™ 3 Medical Recorder, a handheld Health 2.0/Point-of-Care... - June 22, 2017

Warp United Release Betor MRI Safe Ceramic Scalpel

Warp United Scientific Co. Ltd., a Health 2.0/Point-of-Care manufacturer based in Shenzhen, China, announces today the release of the new CE marked BetorTM MRI Safe Ceramic Scalpels. The Ceramic Scalpel is a starter introduction to technology that was developed by the aerospace and defense... - May 24, 2017

Warp United Announces Strategic Partnership with Prime Base

Warp United, a pioneer Health 2.0/Point-of-Care solution manufacturer based in Shenzhen, China, announces today a partnership with Prime Base INC, a leading Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) solution provider based in Guangzhou, China. The strategic partnership offers broad manufacturing... - May 12, 2017

Warp United Received CE Certificate for Warp 3 Medical Recorder

Warp United Scientific Co. Ltd., a Health 2.0/Point-of-Care solution developer and manufacturer based in Shenzhen, China, announces today that it has received CE mark approval for marketing in European Union of its revolutionary point-of-care system, the Warp 3 Medical Recorder. The approval is... - May 06, 2017

Warp United Receives Funding from China's Torch Program

Warp United, a Health 2.0/Point-of-Care Solution Company, announced today that it will receive a national award from the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), Torch Program. The award will support Warp United's launch into the global medical marketplace. About Torch Program The Torch... - May 03, 2017

Warp 3 Medical Recorder for Point-of-Care Ultrasound and Vital Signs

Warp United, a company based in Shenzhen, China, is marketing its Warp 3 Medical Recorder. Totally weighing less than 2 pounds (1 Kg), system can simultaneously measure vital signs: 6-channel ECG, pulse rate, SpO2, temperature, and blood pressure measurements, and perform ultrasound scanning at point of care. - January 15, 2017

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