Gritty, Realistic, Raw: On the Edge of Tomorrow, a YA Anthology Published by BKC Press

Everyday, teens face real issues such as coping with loss, dysfunctional families, challenges of being transgender, and surviving high school. On the Edge of Tomorrow tackles these issues, reminding teens they aren’t alone and that the struggle is real. Gritty, realistic, raw… Nine... - December 02, 2017

BHC Press and Shelley Wilson Sign Multi-Genre Publishing Deal

BHC Press and Shelley Wilson announced today they have entered into a multi-book, multi-genre publishing deal. The first book to be published is Oath Keeper, scheduled for publication in 2018. - November 18, 2017

BHC Press to Publish Memoir for Legendary Flesh Gordon Producer Howard Ziehm

BHC Press signs publishing deal with iconic film producer Howard Ziehm for his autobiography Take Your Shame and Shove It, set for release in 2018. - October 07, 2017

BHC Press Signs Multi-Award-Winning YA Author Caytlyn Brooke to Publishing Deal

BHC Press announced today they have signed a five-book publishing deal with multi-award-winning YA author Caytlyn Brooke. The first book slated for publication is Wired, set for release in 2018. - September 30, 2017

BHC Press and Mackenzie Flohr Announce Multi-book Publishing Deal

Actor Jake Dudman selected as narrator for The Rite of Wands audiobook. - September 23, 2017

BHC Press and Sara Daniell Announce Multi-book Publishing Deal

BHC Press announced today they have signed a five-book publishing agreement with YA author Sara Daniell. "Falling In Reverse," a stand-alone novel in the Stockbridge series, is the first book to be released under the agreement with a 2018 publication date. This gritty and realistic teen... - September 16, 2017

BHC Press at Kerrytown BookFest on Sunday, September 10th, 2017

Meet contemporary romance author Elise Manion and suspense author Tom Mohan. - September 01, 2017

BHC Press and Emmie Mears Announce Multi-Book Deal

BHC Press is pleased to announce they have signed a five-book publishing agreement with Emmie Mears. Hearthfire, book one of the epic fantasy Stonebreaker series, is scheduled for spring 2018 publication. The Stonebreaker series tells the tale of magic, which has formed both feast and famine, and... - August 26, 2017

BHC Press at Ann Arbor Book Festival Street Fair on Saturday, June 17th

A three-day event celebrating the love of books, authors, and reading. - June 16, 2017

Open Call for Young Adult Short Story Submissions

Wanted: short stories for realistic teen fiction anthology, On The Edge of Tomorrow. Submissions open through April 30, 2017. - February 08, 2017

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