SMC LLC Represents RealiteQ in North America

SMC LLC has signed an agreement to represent RealiteQ the manufacturer of iCex SCADA gateway in North America. - June 01, 2017

Sales Management Consulting LLC Has Renewed Their Agreement to Exclusively Represent DPTechnics in North America

Seth Frielich, CEO of Sales Management Consulting LLC is pleased to announce that SMC LLC has renewed their agreement to exclusively represent DPTechnics in North America. Based in Belgium, DPTechnics offers turnkey design, development and manufacturing services to add IoT (Internet of Things)... - May 14, 2017

SMC LLC Represents Hydrospin Water Powered Generators in North America

SMC LLC now represents HydroSpin water powered generators for remote data acquisition, IoT, and Smart City systems. - May 09, 2017

SMC LLC Has Signed an Agreement with SensiEDGE

SMC LLC is representing SensiBLE IoT boards in North America. - May 03, 2017

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