Vodafone Egypt Deploys Openmind’s Advanced SMSC

Despite rumours of its predicted demise, SMS traffic growth is showing no signs of abating. Latest figures show that SMS volumes across the globe are outpacing the ability of legacy messaging infrastructures to handle the increased volumes at a cost that is acceptable to mobile operators. - January 20, 2009

Software Vaccine Eradicates SMS Spoofing

SMS Spoofing is an emerging security threat in the GSM community and carries with it serious fraud implications if not immediately addressed. Openmind Networks has designed, engineering and deployed an industry leading product called Protect that eliminates the threat of SMS Spoofing. - September 05, 2008

Openmind Networks Strikes Gold as Lead Sponsor at the Next Generation Mobile Messaging Forum

As the move to replace the aging 15 year old SMSC messaging infrastructure intensifies, Openmind Networks is leading a workshop and two day conference in Amsterdam from 9th-11th April for mobile operators on how best to migrate from legacy messaging networks to intelligent SMS, MMS and IMS router based messaging networks. - January 11, 2008

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