HT PARP in Vivo Pharmacodynamic Assay II

Trevigen announces a validated assay, with higher sensitivity and pre-coated antibody plates to measure the effectiveness of PARP inhibitors in cell and tissue lysates for anticancer drug screening. - February 02, 2010

Trevigen Releases CultreCoat® Cell Adhesion Assays

Trevigen announces the immediate availability of seven new coated well assay kits for cell adhesion studies. - February 25, 2009

Pharmacodynamic PAR ELISA Assay

Trevigen introduces a highly sensitive, quantitative and validated assay to measure the effectiveness of PARP inhibitors in cell and tissue lysates for anticancer drug screening. - October 10, 2008

Cultrex® Mouse Laminin I Now Qualified “PathClear®”

Trevigen adds mouse Laminin I to PathClear® designated products for research involving cancer cell characterization and behavior. - August 22, 2008

Trevigen Announces the First Standardized Comet Assay Electrophoresis System (ES) for Direct Detection of DNA Damage

Trevigen, with funding from Phase 1 and Phase II SBIR grants, makes available a novel complete assay system which includes CometSlides™, reagents, control cells and an electrophoresis unit. - July 13, 2008

Trevigen Announces a Highly Sensitive, Fluorescent, One Hour PARP Inhibition Assay

Until now, commercially available PARP assay kits required multiple steps and were time consuming. Trevigen overcomes these drawbacks with the release of the HT Fluorescent Homogeneous PARP Inhibition Assay. - June 22, 2008

Trevigen Announces the Release of Four New Assay Kits for 3-D Cell Proliferation

Trevigen introduces four new 3-D cell proliferation kits, including a core kit and three different kits containing basement membrane extract, laminin I, and collagen I. These are the first standardized kits engineered for assessing the effects of compounds or genetic alteration on cell proliferation in 3-D culture. - June 07, 2008

Trevigen Releases the First Standardized 3-D Culture Cell Harvesting Kit

Trevigen releases the first standardized kit for isolating cells from 3-D Culture for biochemical analysis. The Cultrex® 3-D Culture Cell Haversting Kit is based on a nonenzymatic approach which prevents biochemical degradation during processing and overcomes the problems associated with extracting cells from BME or Laminin I in 3-D Culture. - May 24, 2008

Trevigen Launches LDEV Free Basement Membrane Extract

Trevigen launches LDVE Free Basement Membrane Extract within its Cultrex® product line of Cell Differentiation and Angiogenesis products. Basement Membrane Extract (BME) can be used for promotion and maintenance of a differentiated phenotype in a variety of cell cultures including primary... - March 29, 2008

Trevigen Launches Anti-8-oxo-dG Monoclonal Antibody (Clone 2E2)

DNA damage caused by oxidative radicals is associated with aging, inflammation, carcinogenesis, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases. When exposed to oxidative radicals, 8-hydroxy-2’-deoxyguanosine (8-oxo-dG) is formed and can serve as a sensitive indicator of physiological and... - March 06, 2008

Trevigen Launches High-Throughput PARP/Apoptosis Assays

Trevigen launches High-Throughput PARP/Apoptosis Assays ideal for measuring the activity of PARP in 96-well plates. Cell extracts can be obtained using their newly-developed, higher-throughput procedure before, during and after apoptosis induction. During apoptosis, PARP-1 which catalyzes the NAD... - February 20, 2008

Trevigen Launches Cultrex BME PathClear

Trevigen announces the immediate availability of PathClear" Basement Membrane Extract in the Cultrex® product line. - January 11, 2008

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