LizardFS and OpenNebula Systems Partner Up to Bring Exabyte Scale Capabilities to OpenNebula Clouds

Open Source, Scale-out, Distributed, Parallel, Geo-Redundant File System, LizardFS, and the leading Cloud Management vendor, OpenNebula Systems, partnered up to deliver Exabyte Scale capabilities of OpenNebula Private and Public Cloud. - September 20, 2018

Leading Cloud Telephone System Operator Chooses LizardFS

Today NFON revealed the solution they used for their multi data center distributed storage. - August 31, 2018

LizardFS Continues to Grow and Grow

Skytechnology creator and owner of LizradFS expands sales in Canada. - November 16, 2017

LizardFS Expands Global Presence in United States with Enterprise Support

Skytechnology creator and owner of LizradFS expands US Sales. - October 11, 2017

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