"Sample Magic" Book Released for Ensoniq Samplers

Syntaur Productions releases the definitive tool for using Ensoniq's EPS, EPS-16 Plus, ASR-10, and ASR-88 digital samplers. - April 28, 2009

Syntaur Lashes Out with “Hitz & Stabs”

A brand new “Hitz & Stabs” disk is the latest addition to Syntaur Productions’ MegaDisk collection for the Akai MPC samplers. - February 07, 2006

HumBug Records Signs Michael Clancey

HumBug Records, a new label focused on music “Made in Texas”, has announced the signing of Michael Clancey to a recording contract. - January 06, 2006

A New Dose of Medecine for the "Bassaholic"

For producers that just can't get enough of the low end, here's a case of bass that is just what the doctor ordered! Syntaur Productions’ “Bassaholic” Zip disk and CD-ROM for the Akai MPC samplers contains 344 bass sounds; it is a compilation of the new “Block Bumpin'... - December 09, 2005

Syntaur’s “ElektroNoizes” Brings Ear Candy to Akai MPC Samplers

Syntaur Productions has released the third disk in their MPC MegaDisk collection, “ElektroNoizes.” Packed with sounds designed to augment a basic track, the ElektroNoizes MegaDisk contains electronic blips, bleeps, wooshes, and swooshes that bring energy and excitement to a song. - November 02, 2005

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