Prominent Costa Rica Real Estate Developer Implements New CRM Software

The Costa Rica Development Corporation has announced its application of Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM software for the Cerro Fresco sales force, a move that is intended to push the company’s customer service to an even higher level. - October 01, 2008

New Costa Rica Real Estate Web Site Provides Market News

Furnishing buyers and investors with the latest news and information about the active Costa Rica real estate market, the recently developed newswire Web site,, fills a growing communication need. - October 01, 2008

CRDC Notes Spike in Web Visitors to Cerro Fresco Site

The growing popularity of Cerro Fresco, the Costa Rican Development Corporation’s latest lavish community, is being reflected in the sharp increase of Web site visitors. - October 01, 2008

Mexico’s Huge Investment in Costa Rica is Good News for Costa Rica Real Estate Market

With part of Mexico’s US$400 million investment in Costa Rica designated for construction, development companies, such as the Costa Rican Development Corporation, are likely to see increased interest in their real estate listings. - October 01, 2008

CRDC Sees Recent Additional Allocations to Costa Rican Park Systems as Boost to Real Estate Sales

Costa Rica’s Ministry of Environment and Energy will be granting the national park system an impressive US$150 million for infrastructure enhancements, likely leading to increased interest in the already booming real estate sector. - September 24, 2008

CRDC Sees Continued Growth Despite Effect of Lehman Brothers’ Bankruptcy on World Markets

Financial markets worldwide are struggling to recoup from losses experienced following the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers, but CRDC reports that the investment activity related to its luxury residential estates has not faltered. - September 24, 2008

Costa Rica Development Corporation Moves to Open China Office Following Establishment of Intensified Trade Relations

Expecting the new solid diplomatic and trade relations between Costa Rica and The People’s Republic of China to lead to business from high-end Chinese investors, the Costa Rica Development Corporation has decided to open an office in this Asian country. - September 20, 2008

Costa Rican Development Corporation Enjoys Investors’ Elevated Interest in Cerro Fresco Community During Period of Weak US Economy

Even though real estate investment markets in the United States have recently experienced a definite slow down, Costa Rican Development Corporation is welcoming the heightened interest of foreign investors in the newly developed Cerro Fresco community. - September 18, 2008

New Costa Rica Development is Quickly Picking Up Steam in the Sales Department

A new development in Costa Rica, Cerro Fresco, is quickly picking up in the sales department. With an excellent location, amazing amenities, and high visibility, this development has become one of the best selling ones in the country. - September 17, 2008

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