Wolf Technical Services, Inc. Receives $100,000 for Research and Development of Troop Seating

Wolf Technical Services, Inc. plans to improve the safety of military troops by developing innovative energy- absorbing technology to help protect crew members in a crash situation. - June 01, 2008

Urgent News for Property Owners from Wolf Technical Services, Inc. on Earthquake Inspections

Damage from earthquakes can be found hundreds of miles from the epicenter and weeks after quake. Local expert urges property owners to inspect property for signs of damage using FEMA guidelines. - May 09, 2008

Wolf Technical Services, Inc., Hires Amy Harris for Manufacturing Projects

Harris, a manufacturing engineer, will work in the Research & Development Division of Wolf coordinating the manufacturing launch of new and revised Wolf products. - April 02, 2008

Wolf Technical Services, Inc., Hires Pruitt as Physicist

Wolf Technical Services, Inc., has hired Andy Pruitt as a Physicist to work in its Forensics Division. Pruitt will be responsible for photometry, visibility and human perception applications. His expertise includes the measurement and analysis of lighting levels and scene contrast during... - March 19, 2008

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