Vrinsoft - A Renowned Company Offering a Password Management System to Make Managing Passwords Simple

In the technological world, everyone is using applications and websites for business services. Due to this, we all are facing a common problem that is managing and recognizing all passwords. To get rid of it, Vrinsoft is coming out with password management system software that works on all platforms on applications and websites. - March 19, 2021

Vrinsoft Technology Has Adopted Kotlin as Their New Android App Development Language

The Kotlin is an alternate for Java in Android app development which is a new programming language. It is believed to have overcome the limitation of Java in the Android app development. Vrinsoft technology has mastered this new programming language and is applying it to the projects that they are developing. - September 13, 2018

Vrinsoft Technology Starts Developing Android Applications with MLKit

The MLKit is a revolutionary new technology that was introduced in the Google I/O 2018. The MLKit is a new tool that can include the power of machine learning in the application. Vrinsoft technology has started to use MLKit in the Android applications they develop. - September 09, 2018

Developers at Vrinsoft Technology Are Using the Latest Unity 3D for Android Game App Development

With the introduction to the latest Unity 3D have empowered the developers at Vrinsoft to develop one of a kind Android game apps. With their extensive development approach, they have been successful to develop, test, and deploy great gaming applications on the Play Store. Here is a detailed view of their development approach. - July 18, 2018

Vrinsoft Technology is All Set for Next-Generation iPhone App Development

Vrinsoft Technology is making extensive use of their knowledge and resources for developing the next generation iPhone applications. They are using new development trends to their advantage by integrating them into the applications that they have developed. - July 08, 2018

Vrinsoft Technology is Using NativeScript 4.0 for Eased Android App Development

Vrinsoft Technology started developing efficient Android applications using NativeScript 4.0. The NativeScript 4.0 is considered the technology that can ease the Android app development process by supporting Angular 6 and Vue.js. This ease of development has made significant changes in the development speed and quality of developers. - June 21, 2018

Vrinsoft Technology Launches Blockchain Powered Android Application

Developers at Vrinsoft technology have successfully developed an Android application that is powered by Blockchain technology. The blockchain technology is one of the latest technologies that is considered as one of the safest storage technologies in the industry. The real-time updates of the records in the blockchain have empowered the developers to add various data analysis features in the application. - June 13, 2018

Developers at Vrinsoft Technology Develops Efficient Android Applications Using Firebase

Vrinsoft technology has started using firebase for efficient Android application development. The firebase has enabled the application to fetch data from the database in real-time and authenticate the user trying to access the account. This gives the application an efficient functionality that can get the application liked by the users. - May 25, 2018

Vrinsoft Technology Started Using the Latest Android Studio 3.1 for Android App Development

Vrinsoft Technology has started developing an Android application using the latest Android Studio 3.1. This new features of Android Studio have also enhanced the quality of the Android applications and empowered the developers to develop applications in less time and at cost-effective rates. - April 23, 2018

Vrinsoft Technology Releases Their Taxi Booking App – The Vcab

Vrinsoft has published a taxi booking app for Android and iPhone called the Vcab. Vcab promises more advanced features and services than a traditional taxi booking app you see in the app store. The application looks promising since they have enhanced the taxi booking and user registration process. - March 19, 2018

iOS App Developers at Vrinsoft Technology Are Developing Apps That Run on the Latest iOS Version

The developers at Vrinsoft Technology have start building apps that run on the latest version of iOS. The introduction of iOS 11.3 has opened doors to new technologies and so the developers from all around the world are attempting to build apps that are compatible with iOS 11.3. But the developers at Vrinsoft technology have been successful in achieving this goal. - February 28, 2018

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