Adax Signaling Board Successfully Tested in the Magma PCIe EM Expansion Blade with Sun Blade 6000 Server

Adax has announced the compatibility of its HDC3 SS7 board with the industry’s first PCIe ExpressModule Expansion Blade chassis from Magma, providing seamless integration with the Sun Blade 6000 Modular System. The Sun Blade 6000 family is both highly flexible and scalable and allows for hot... - December 24, 2008

Adax and Kontron Partnership Delivers High Performance MicroTCA Signaling System

Adax, an industry leader in high performance signaling infrastructure, and Kontron, a global provider of embedded and open modular solutions for the communications market, have announced a partnership to deliver high performance telecom signaling systems. This collaboration has begun with the... - December 06, 2008

Adax Delivers Four Port SS7 Controller for Low Profile PCI Express

HDC3 Provides Superior Scalability, Flexibility and Price Performance Ratios. - November 01, 2008

Nexus Telecom Deploys Adax Solution to Improve Load and Stress Test System

Adax Europe, an industry leader in high performance signalling infrastructure, has announced that its HDCII-PMC solution is being deployed by Nexus Telecom to further improve the high performance of its load and stress test system for telecom manufacturers and operators. - October 26, 2008

724 Solutions Uses Adax & Aricent Signaling Solution in Seamless Messaging – MMS Edition

Adax Europe supplies its SS7 solutions set to the latest version of 724 Solutions' Seamless Messaging - MMS Edition. - July 25, 2008

Mistral Solutions Takes Adax Product Portfolio to Fast Growing Indian Customer Base

Adax Europe announces a strategic partnership with India based Mistral Solutions. - June 07, 2008

Adax Controller Supports Nethawk EAST ATCA Migration

Adax Europe Ltd has announced that its HDCIII-AMC controller is being deployed in the new version of NetHawk’s EAST simulator. - May 31, 2008

72% of Telco Vendors Believe SS7 is Still Alive and Kicking

A survey by Adax Europe reveals that nearly three quarters of telco vendors still believe that support for their SS7 infrastructure is essential to their long term business. - May 03, 2008

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