Waffle Forest’s "Smart Tree" Forest to Use Native Desert Species to Reduce Plant-Produced Ozone and Particulates in Phoenix Area

Because studies show some trees produce compounds that make smog worse, the Phoenix non-profit plans to focus on only the heathiest trees to tackle air pollution with a "tech forest" on waste land - August 13, 2022

Non-Profit Aims to Combine Living "Smart Trees" and Direct-Air-Capture "Mechanical Trees" to Tackle Air Pollution in Phoenix

Waffle Forest team brings together top scientific talent, newest technology to clean the air and reclaim wasteland by planting 10,000 trees in Arizona's largest city. - March 25, 2022

First-Ever "Tech Forest" Will Employ "Smart Trees" to Tackle Carbon Emissions in Metro Phoenix Area

South Phoenix native's Waffle Forest non-profit uses waste land, trees, and direct-air-capture technology to reduce carbon and produce cleaner air in the Valley of The Sun and beyond. - March 18, 2022

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