Anissa Pfannenstiel Joins Complete Counseling Solutions Online Counseling Group

Anissa is their newest member at Complete Counseling Solutions. She has an extensive background and they are delighted to utilize her past hypnotherapy and Japanese Psychology background. - August 12, 2008

Marriage And Family Counseling Sector Adds One More

Just recently, Jennifer Baxt completed her doctorate in marriage and family therapy. Her mission is to help as many people as she can, which is why she is trying to make herself as accessible as possible. There is even a free therapy forum now being offered on the site to give more people the opportunity to find some helpful advice or suggestions online, instead of having to make an appointment in person. - July 17, 2008

Free Online Therapist Guided Personal Assessments Are Now Available

With so many people needing help, it is hoped that the free online therapy now being offered with the personal assessments will give more people the opportunity to get the help that they need. - June 30, 2008

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