GlacialLight GL-FD12 – Light, Bright and Compact LED Flood Lighting for Interior and Exterior Use

GlacialLight's GL-FD12, is a 13W DC-input LED Flood Light available in two color temperature versions, warm white and cool white. The GL-FD12 is versatile and power efficient, with 10-15V DC and 20-28V DC input voltages and a selectable 30° or 60° beam angle. It is suitable for a wide range of interior and exterior lighting applications, with a 30,000 hour life for reduced operating costs. - August 02, 2012

GlacialLight GL-FL30S – Cost-Saving LED Flood Lighting for Interiors and Exteriors

GlacialLight's GL-FL30S is a 28W AC LED Flood Light with infra red motion sensor. The GL-FL30S is power efficient, and very versatile, with a 100-240V AC input voltage range, a selectable 30° or 60° beam angle, and two color temperature versions, warm white and cool white. It is suitable for a wide variety of interior and exterior lighting applications, and reduces operating costs with its 30,000 hour LED life. - July 31, 2012

The New Power-Saving DL10 25W LED Down Light from GlacialLight

The new GlacialLight DL10 is an ideal choice of downlight for almost all indoor applications, including commercial lighting, office, hotel, restaurant, shopping mall, and household. Simple to install, it offers attractive design and light quality, combined with very low energy and maintenance costs. - July 31, 2012

New LED Bay Light with Patented Advanced Heat Dissipation Technologies for Longer Life

The new GlacialLight GL-BL220-CW Bay Light is bright enough to light big spaces, with bright natural light, but offers very low energy and maintenance costs. This light's patented advancd heat dissipation technology provides for longer life of 35,000 hours or more. - July 13, 2012

The New 10 Watt Vega Series GL-AR111-V2 LED Lamps from GlacialLight Are Stylish and Efficient

The 10 watt AC/DC GL-AR111-V2 lamp is an ideal choice for new lighting systems or as a lightweight, low-maintenance replacement for older lighting technologies. - June 28, 2012

GlacialLight GL-PIR10C – Motion Sensing Automatic Light Switch

GlacialLight's GL-PIR10C, is a versatile infra red motion sensor that automatically turns the lights on when people are around, and keeps them off when the area is not in use. This passive infra red (PIR) motion sensor can be connected to a wide range of light sources to enhance ease-of-use, cut power consumption, and improve security. User adjustable settings include light sensitivity and coverage range. - June 21, 2012

A New 58 Watt LED Panel Light, the GL-PL0312 From GlacialLight

GlacialLight's new 58W LED panel light is an ideal energy efficient solution for retail lighting. - May 10, 2012

GlacialLight Expands Its LED Flood Light Line with DC Input Lights – GL-FD30 Series

Expanding their Navi Series LED flood light line into DC input applications, GlacialLight has introduced GL-FD30 flood lights for both indoor and outdoor lighting solutions. - May 05, 2012

GlacialLight Exhibiting at Expolux 2012

GlacialLight will be showcasing their LED driver modules, and invites all to visit their booth (#O61) at Expolux 2012 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. - April 21, 2012

Two Dominican Republic Establishments Overcome Unreliable and High-Cost Energy Issues with the Installation of GlacialLight's LED Down Lights

Two Dominican Republic establishments try to overcome their unreliable energy grid by switching to low energy using GlacialLight's LED down lights. - April 19, 2012

GlacialLight Releases New T8 LED Tube Light Series Worldwide

GlacialLight's new Castor Series T8 LED Tubes are available in three color temperatures and two sizes. Using less energy than traditional tube lighting, GlacialLight's Castor Series T8 LED Tubes shine bright natural-looking light for a minimum of 30,000 hours. - April 14, 2012

GlacialLight Exhibiting at Light+Building 2012 in Frankfurt, Germany

GlacialLight will be exhibiting their LED light and driver lines at Light+Building 2012 at Messe Frankfurt in Frankfurt, Germany from April 15th to the 20th, 2012. GlacialLight invites media and prospective business partners to visit their booth, #C10B, Hall 10.1. - April 12, 2012

GlacialLight Exhibiting at MosBuild 2012

GlacialLight will be presenting their entire line of energy efficient LED indoor and outdoor lighting solutions at MosBuild 2012 in in Moscow, Russia from April 10th -13th. All business and media partners around the world are invited to visit their display (Booth #K235, Hall5.1) to see GlacialLight's products for themselves. - April 07, 2012

GlacialLight Showcasing New and Innovative LED Lighting Products at the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Spring Edition)

GlacialLight will be displaying their exceptional line-up of LED lighting products at the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair Spring Edition from April 6th to the 9th. - March 29, 2012

GlacialLight Introduces GL-DL04 LED Down Light to the Capella Series

With GlacialLight's new 4-inch downlight, high-quality energy efficient light is now available in even more commercial and residential applications. - March 22, 2012

GlacialLight Exhibiting at the 2012 Taiwan International Lighting Show

GlacialLight invites all business and media partners to visit their booth #B0517A in Hall 1 at the Taiwan International Lighting Show. - March 10, 2012

GlacialPower Announces GP-LS200P Series LED Drivers

Efficient and Effective AC to DC Power Conversion for Outdoor Use GlacialPower's new GP-LS200P Series Driver efficiently transforms AC to DC for larger installations such as streetlights. - February 18, 2012

GlacialLight Exhibiting at LED China 2012

GlacialLight, an experienced LED manufacturer, will be attending LED China 2012, the world's largest LED event from February 20th to 23rd, 2012. - February 16, 2012

American Based Porsche Showroom Complements Its High-End Automobiles with GlacialLight LED Lights

A Porsche showroom applies the high performance and perfected engineering principles of their automobiles to their indoor lighting. - February 14, 2012

GlacialLight Announces New Dimmable Addition to the Capella LED Down Light Series - an All-in-One Bulb and Fixture Now with Dimmable Features

GlacialLight's popular Capella LED Down Light Series is now available with dimmable solutions. - February 14, 2012

Mauritian Tropical Resort Blends Natural Aesthetics with Earth-Friendly GlacialLight LED Lighting

A Mauritian resort recently replaced outdated and inefficient mercury lamps with environmentally-friendly GlacialLight LED Floodlights. - January 21, 2012

GlacialLight Releases Brand New LED Flood Light Series with Philips Lumileds Chips

GlacialLight, integrating Philips Lumileds chips has developed a direct indoor/outdoor solution for outdated mercury floodlights. - January 19, 2012

Taiwanese Clinic Realizes Savings Indoor and Outdoor with GlacialLights' LED Spotlights and Panel Lights

Kaohsiung, Taiwan based clinic lowered their electricity bill with GlacialLight's LED indoor and outdoor lights. - January 12, 2012

GlacialLight's LED Lights Result in Over 72% in Electrical Savings for Kothrud, India Showroom

\GlacialLight, a division of experienced technology manufacturer GlacialTech Inc., is pleased to announce that its environmentally-friendly LED lighting products are being used in many applications around the world and providing users with energy-saving light of the highest quality. The M/s... - January 11, 2012

GlacialLight's Energy-Conscience Lights Result in Huge Electrical Saving's for Kampala, Uganda Sheraton

Kampala Sheraton taking control of the situation recently dramatically reduced their power consumption by switching to LEDs provided by GlacialLight turning a unpredictable environment into something more manageable. - December 22, 2011

GlacialLight Releases Two New Additions to the Pollux LED Panel Light Series

Now Even More Versatility in Energy Efficient LED Replacements for Fluorescent Tubes - December 17, 2011

GlacialLight Exhibiting Wide Array of LED Products at the 2011 LED EXPO in New Delhi

GlacialLight, a division of GlacialTech Inc., a global provider of PC cooling, power supplies, power drivers and LED lighting, extends an invitation to all business and media partners around the world to attend their display at the LED EXPO, to be held at Pragati Maidan in New Delhi, India, 1-3... - November 18, 2011

GlacialLight Exhibiting at INTERLIGHT MOSCOW

Date: November 8-11, 2011; Venue: Expocentre Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia Booth #: NO.T1.3; Hall 7.2. - November 05, 2011

GlacialLight Showcasing New and Innovative LED Lighting Products at the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair

GlacialLight Exhibits LED Lighting Products at the Hong Kong Lighting Fair - October 22, 2011

A New 5 Watt LED Lamp, the MR1605AC from GlacialLight

GlacialLight is very excited to be bringing this new product to its existing and new partners worldwide. - September 28, 2011

GlcialLight is Introducing the 110 Watt Arcturus GL-BL110 Series LED Bay Light

With Highly Efficient Philips Lumileds LED, for Very Large Indoor Spaces - September 15, 2011

Lighting Costs Reduced 83% with LED Spotlights from GlacialLight

GlacialLight is excited to see its product lines being used to make businesses more successful and at the same time benefiting society by offering lighting products that have longer lifetimes and save more energy than traditional lighting, emit no harmful UV or IR radiation, and contain no hazardous materials such as mercury. - September 03, 2011

18 Watt GL-DL08 LED Downlight Introduced in GlacialLight's Capella Series

With environmental protection in mind, GlacialLight has designed the Capella Series GL‐DL08 LED Downlight to be RoHS compliant. Furthermore, these downlights contain no hazardous chemicals, such as mercury, and do not emit harmful UV or IR rays, making them more eco‐friendly than traditional lighting fixtures. In addition, power conversion efficiency is greater than 80%, helping to reduce energy costs. - August 25, 2011

GlacialLight’s LED Panel Lights Have Lowered Customer’s Lighting Bill by Sixty-One Percent

GlacialLight's T8 Tubes benefit both the business and society with its longer lifetime & efficient energy-saving. - July 28, 2011

GlacialLight Exhibiting Wide Array of LED Products at LED Lighting Taiwan 2011 EXPO

GlacialLight will be showing off their newest and most exciting products during the LED Lighting Taiwan 2011 EXPO at booth #L326.328 in the Nangang Exhibition Hall from June 14-16, 2011, as part of the Photonics Festival in Taiwan. - June 11, 2011

GlacialPower LED Driver Bundled Package Now Available for GL-AR111AD & GL-AR111AN

While the GL-AR111AD and GL-AR111AN is bundled with the GlacialPower LED Driver, users can expect higher reliability and quality, as well as safety and environmental-friendliness, in addition to longer lifetime without compatibility issues, from the GL-AR111 LED bulbs - May 13, 2011

GlacialLight's TRIAC-Dimming LED Bulbs Receive CETL Certification - GL-BR30D and GL-BR40D, High-Performance LED Canopus Series Bulbs

GlacialLight's GL-BR30D and GL-BR40D TRIAC-Dimming LED Bulbs Received CETL Certification. - April 07, 2011

GlacialLight Now Using Innovative LED Driver in Products - the GlacialPower LED Driver Enhances Lumen and Life Performance

A newly developed LED Driver that increases compatibility, reliability, efficiency, and performance announced by GlacialLight - March 17, 2011

Glaciallight Exhibiting at the 2011 Taiwan International Lighting Show - Featuring LED Panel Lights and Innovative LED Drivers

GlacialLight showing off their products at 2011 TILS including a brand-new LED Driver that increases lifetime and efficiency of LED lighting products. - March 16, 2011

Realize as much as 75% in Energy Cost Savings with GlacialLight's New LED Spotlight

New Procyon LED flood light series for indoor and outdoors from GlacialLight. - January 06, 2011

GlacialLight Launches the All-New LED Vega Series-Making Halogen AR111 Lamps Obsolete

New LED replacement for halogen AR111 lamps from GlacialLight - November 26, 2010

GlacialLight Exhibits at INTERLIGHT MOSCOW 2010

GlacialLight presenting LED products at INTERLIGHT 2010 Fair in Moscow. - October 22, 2010

GlacialLight Exhibits at Hong Kong International Lighting Fair 2010

Glaciallight attends Hong Kong International Lighting Fair 2010 from October 27-30th presenting the full line of products. - October 15, 2010

The New GlacialLight LED Dimming Solution- Low-Power GL-BR20D/30D/40D Series LED Bulbs

New Series of dimmable LED light bulbs from GlacialLight. - August 11, 2010

GlacialLight's Novel GL-SD60 Series, Waterproof DC-Powered LED Spotlights or Floodlights, Are Perfect for Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

GlacialLight launching GL-SD60 Series Waterproof DC-Powered LED Spotlights or Floodlights. - July 09, 2010

GlacialLight Exhibiting at the International LED & OLED EXPO 2010 in Seoul

GlacialLight presenting great power saving technology during LED & OLED EXPO 2010 in Seoul. - June 22, 2010

GlacialLight Launches Low-Power, Eco-Friendly T8 LED Tubes

New T8 LED tubes with inbuilt Over Temperature protection from GlacialLight. - May 20, 2010

GlacialLight Demonstrates How to Use Grow Lights with YouTube Video

Tips & Tricks video teaches how to most effectively use LED Grow Lights - May 15, 2010

GlacialLight Launches YouTube Video to Help Horticulturalists and Herbalists Reduce Their Carbon Footprints

GlacialLight shows new LED light video for Horticulturalists and Herbalists - May 14, 2010

YouTubers Set to Meet GlacialLight

GlacialLight introduces company and LED lighting products. - May 12, 2010

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