Installing GlacialLight Lighting in the Largest Taiwanese Auto Parts Chain Store

GlacialLight, a division of the technology manufacturer, GlacialTech Inc., is pleased to find its environmentally friendly LED lights deployed in myriad applications all over the world. The largest automotive retail store in Taiwan, the new Hong Sheng Motor Department Store opening in Neihu... - December 15, 2016

GlacialPower Announces New 12V and 24V GP-LV-32D Driver Series

New 48W Constant Voltage Driver is Perfect Fit for Narrow Spaces - November 21, 2016

Igloo SR250HP-3 and Igloo SR350HP-3: GlacialTech’s New Heat Pipe Heatsinks

Ideal for high wattage bay light applications from 200W to 350W. - November 10, 2016

GlacialTech Shows Off New Luminaires, Heatsinks, and Drivers at Hong Kong International Lighting Fair 2016

Unveils New Dual-Light Multicolor Ceiling Luminaire Matches Any Interior Lighting Scheme - October 22, 2016

New 33.6W LED Drivers GP-RS35P-42C(A) with DC Jack Output and Optional Dimming – from GlacialPower

Versatile drivers for multiple applications, offering great power efficiency. - October 19, 2016

New Exterior Flood Light for LEDs Up to 150 W: GlacialTech's Igloo SS80 PLUS

With dual and triple LED module options, IP65 protection, and CoB or MCPCB LED support. - October 12, 2016

GlacialPower's New GP-LD15-40C LED Driver is Ideal for Vehicles, Battery and Solar

14W LED driver has numerous safety features, including battery protection - September 28, 2016

New 14.7W LED Drivers from GlacialPower Offer Great Choice of Dimming Options

Efficient GP-HS15P-42C and HS15P-42CA provide DC jack connector and comply with EU standards. - September 19, 2016

GlacialTech Launches an Enhanced Igloo SS120 PLUS Exterior Floodlight for LEDs Up to 200W

Single, dual and triple LED options, with dual bracket mount and IP65 for weatherproofing - September 04, 2016

GlacialPower Launches GP-LS45P Series: 40-48 Watt LED Drivers with IP67 Rating

With Active PFC, 90 to 305 VAC Input, 24 to 57 V DC output, and Three Dimming Modes. - August 30, 2016

GlacialLight's New Dimmable 35W LED Ceiling Feature Light: The GL-CFD06DA-35

Featuring a colored LED sub light to match the most stylish interior design. - August 16, 2016

GlacialPower’s 59 Watt, 42V LED Driver, the GP-LS60P-42C 1E

New LED driver offers reduced power costs and quick start up. - August 09, 2016

GlacialPower's GP-LS200P-60 1E: a Rugged 192 Watt LED Driver

This new AC-DC LED driver is flexible, reliable and very efficient. - August 02, 2016

GlacialPower's New 150 Watt LED Driver, the GP-LS150P-60 is Tough and Versatile

Designed to get the best light quality and longest life from LEDs. - July 24, 2016

GlacialTech Announces New LED Flood Light Knock Down Kit for 80 to 100 Watt LEDs - Igloo SS80

Easily Create Powerful Yet Efficient IP66 Rated LED Lights for Indoor or Outdoor Lighting Application - May 29, 2016

GlacialTech Unveils Latest LED Lighting Solutions at the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

Showcasing New High-end SKD Package Solutions, High-Powered Bay Lights, and Top-Tier LED Technology - May 06, 2016

GlacialTech Announces New Heatpipe-Cooled 100 Watt LED Floodlight Knock-Down Kit

Igloo SS100HP: Flexible Kit with Enhanced Cooling Slashes Lighting Costs. - April 13, 2016

GlacialTech Showcasing Its Latest LED Solutions at Taiwan International Lighting Show 2016

Showcase Includes New Fully-Isolated LED Drivers for Safe, Reliable Outdoor Lighting. - March 26, 2016

GlacialLight Announces 150 Watt LED Floodlight with Over 16,000 Lumens - GL-FL150

Highly Efficient 111 Lumen per Watt Fixture Replaces 400W Metal Halide Lamps - March 03, 2016

GlacialLight Announces 35W IP66 Rugged Outdoor Flood Lights – GL-FL35

GlacialLight, the lighting division of GlacialTech Inc., announces a new series of rugged 35W outdoor flood lights. The GL-FL35 LED lights features CoB LEDs cooled by a high performance GlacialTech heatsink in an IP66 rugged weatherproof enclosure. The new flood lights add a 35W option to... - January 23, 2016

GlacialLight Announces Highly Efficient 15W Outdoor Flood Lights with Motion Detection Capability – GL-FL15 Series

115 Lumen per Watt Performance in an IP66 Rugged Design, Perfect for Outdoor Security Lighting. - January 14, 2016

GlacialPower Announces Two New Fully Isolated LED Drivers – GP-RS10P & GP-RS15P

Rugged IP67 Rated LED Drivers Feature 3-in-1 Dimming and -20°C to 60°C Operation Under Full Load - January 11, 2016

GlacialTech Announces Igloo FS125S 30W Cold Forged Pin Fin Heatsink and Knock Down Kit

GlacialTech, the diversified LED technology provider, announces a new square heatsink using cold forging technology rated for 30W LEDs. The Igloo FS125S measures 125mm square and 25mm in depth, is made out of anodized AL1070 aluminum and uses a pin fin design for optimal heat dissipation. Besides... - December 18, 2015

GlacialLight Announces High Efficiency Flood Light Using COB LEDs – GL-FL55

The latest in LED lighting technology provides up to 115 lumens per watt. - November 22, 2015

GlacialLight Announces New High Bay Lights with Up to 16,000 Lumens – GL-BL150

High Performance Rugged LED Fixture is Strong Enough for Demanding Warehouse or Outdoor Lighting Applications - October 15, 2015

GlacialLight Unveils Newest CoB LED Luminaires at Autumn Edition of Hong Kong International Lighting Fair 2015

GlacialLight, the lighting division of GlacialTech Inc. is attending the Autumn edition of the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair 2015 and showcasing its latest generation of CoB powered LED lighting, as well as giving a sneak peek of a new flood light series which will officially debut later in the year. - October 15, 2015

GlacialLight Announces Tulip I Lux Enhancer for GL-BL100 LED Bay Light

Increases Lux to 204% and turns High Powered Bay Light into Outdoor Spotlight. - September 25, 2015

GlacialLight Announces 6” Recessed LED Down Lights With Over 100 Lumens per Watt - GL-DLC06

Highly Efficient CoB LED Down lights Come in 15W and 35W Versions for Indoor Lighting Applications. - September 24, 2015

GlacialLight Announces Emergency Backup Module GL-EM01F for LED Panel Lights and Troffer Lights

The GL-EM01F Provides 90 Minutes or More of Constant-Current Backup Illumination when Power Goes Out. - July 19, 2015

GlacialTech to Display Latest LED Lights, Thermal Solutions, and LED Drivers at 20th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

LED Lighting Up to 111 Lumens/Watt, Cold-Forged Heatsinks, and DALI Power Supplies to be Displayed. - May 22, 2015

GlacialLight Announces 2015 Down Light Series

Full range of recessed and surface mounted ceiling lighting available in sizes from 4 to 10 inches diameter. - April 30, 2015

GlacialLight Arcturus Bay Light GL-BL30 Nominated as 2015 Taiwan International Lighting Show Innovative Product

30W Bay Light Selected for Energy Efficiency, Design, and Value - April 09, 2015

GlacialLight Breaks Into Track Lighting with 93lm/W LED Spot Light - GL-TSL30

Energy-Efficient Track Lighting Fixture for 3-Circuit Lighting Tracks - April 02, 2015

GlacialLight Introduces Next Generation of LED Modular Ceiling Lightings – GL-PL0303-V2 and GL-PL0312-V2

Less than 15 Watts Produces over 1,100 Lumens of Smooth LED Illumination - March 31, 2015

GlacialLight New LED Bay Lights Output 10,000 Lumens Using Just 96 Watts–GL-BL100

Low Glare for Indoor Use, IP66 Rugged Design for the Outdoors - February 13, 2015

GlacialTech Announces Stamped Heatsink Series for 100W-200W LED Flood Lights - Igloo SS Series

Cost effective cooling for high power LED lighting in a rectangular form. - January 30, 2015

GlacialLight's New Panel Lights Produce 24 Square Centimeters of Smooth Light - GL-PL24-SM

Easy to Install Surface Mount LED Fixtures Generate 1600 Lumens in 3 Color Temperatures - December 12, 2014

GlacialTech Launches Bay Light Heatsink Range for High Power LEDs from 100W to 250W – Igloo SR Series

Lightweight, High Wattage Heatsinks Achieve 0.39°C/W Thermal Resistance - November 28, 2014

GlacialPower Presenting Latest DALI Products and LED Drivers at electronica 2014

GlacialPower to showcase its latest LED lights and drivers at LED drivers and switch mode power supplies at electronica 2014 in Munich, Germany. - October 24, 2014

GlacialTech Announces Cold Forged Heatsinks Optimized for CoB and MPCB LEDs

New cold-forged designs use special base design to better dissipate heat for specific LED types. - October 10, 2014

GlacialTech Showcasing New LED Luminaries and Drivers at the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition) 2014

Latest lighting products include Arcturus Bay Lights, DALI Bus power supply, and LED thermal solutions. - October 03, 2014

GlacialTech Announces Square Cold Forged Heatsink for 60W LED Applications - Igloo FS127

Square heatsink uses cold forging and pin fin design to enhance thermal performance. - September 20, 2014

GlacialLight Arcturus 30W Low Bay Light Achieves 107 Lumens Per Watt - GL-BL30

Durable IP65 LED Bay Lights use Chip On Board technology to deliver up to 3200 lumens. - September 13, 2014

GlacialPower Launches 200mA DALI Power Supply - GP-DP004N-16V

Powers up to 64 DALI devices with universal AC input. - September 06, 2014

GlacialLight Announces 10” Surface Mounted Down Light with 91 Lumens Per Watt - GL-DL10-SM

Energy efficient room lighting can be easily mounted to walls and ceilings. - August 28, 2014

GlacialTech Launches Two Cold Forging Thermal Module Solutions: Igloo FR210 and Igloo FR210HP

GlacialTech's new cold forging thermal modules: Igloo FR210 and Igloo FR210HP are designed with a focus on cost-effective performance, as well as weight and volume reduction. - August 16, 2014

GlacialPower Announces 2-in-1 LED Driver with Adjustable Current and Voltage – GP-LC7028-Q5D

GlacialPower's new GP-LC7028 LED driver is 2-in-1 LED Drivers, with easy DIP switch configuration to either constant current or constant voltage mode for enhanced functionality. - July 16, 2014

New Wall Mounted LED Adapters from GlacialPower Offer Constant Current Up to 9W – GP-LC Series

GlacialPower's new GP-LC3536-0A and GP-LC7021-0A LED adapters are compact wall mounted power supplies providing constant current for LED lighting. - June 28, 2014

GlacialLight Presenting LED Lights and Drivers at 19th GuangZhou International Lighting Exhibition

Surface Mounted Down lights, Panel Lights and LED 50W Bay Lights Latest Additions to Indoor Lighting - May 16, 2014

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