EvidencePix Inc. Expands its Markets to Include Law Enforcement Applications

EvidencePix technology takes multiple real-time digital photos of crime or threat situations, encrypts these photos, and emails them instantly to others who can respond. This patented technology is ideally suited for numerous law enforcement applications such as automated evidence capture, instant evidence and notification services, situational monitoring of locations under surveillance, enhanced officer safety and for data retrieval that follows chain-of-custody criteria useful in prosecution. - November 18, 2008

EvidencePix Awarded US Patent on Portable, Wireless, Instant Photo Taking and Emailing Security Technology for Automobiles, Homes, Businesses and Mobile or Remote Assets

EvidencePix is awarded a US patent designed to instantly take a digital photo of an intruder or thief and instantly email it to a cellular phone or persons of authority. For instance, with seconds of someone breaking into your car (or wine cabinet), you can receive a digital photo of that person and use it as evidence for prosecution. - July 11, 2008

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