SuperPro 580U & SuperPro 280U Price Reduction

$100.00 off on SuperPro USB Programmers. - March 07, 2009

New EPROM Erasers by Xeltek

Xeltek is perceiving the demand for EPROM Erasers in the market, and representing new low-cost EPROM erasers. - March 07, 2009

Pre-Announcement for SuperPro IS01 ISP Programmer

Xeltek is launching fastest ISP programmer on the market; equipped with ARM9 32 Bit RISC MCU. - February 27, 2009

SuperPro 5000 Software Supports 7 Languages Now

Xeltek is excited announcing support for five new languages which have been recently added on SuperPro 5000 software; German, Italian, Turkish, Spanish and Korean. Including English and Chinese, SuperPro 5000 software has 7 language packs for the convenient of superpro users. Moreover there is no... - January 23, 2009

New Xeltek Programmers Are on the Market: SuperPro 501S and SuperPro 500P

Xeltek introduces the new age universal device programmers: SuperPro 500P and SuperPro 501S. - January 22, 2009

SiliconKit is Now Distributing Xeltek SuperPro Programmers

Xeltek has signed a distributorship agreement with a local supplier, SiliconKit. By joining the Xeltek Family, SiliconKit will be representing Xeltek’s SuperPro® programmers through out SiliconKit is one of the most dynamic companies in the Silicon Valley, CA. The... - November 20, 2008

Kanda is Ready to Distribute SuperPro® Programmers in UK

Kanda will be the new representative of Xeltek’s industry leader universal device programmers in UK. - October 15, 2008

Global Test Supply and Xeltek Signed Distributorship Agreement

Global Test Supply will be distributing Xeltek’s SuperPro device programmers in North Carolina, USA. - October 09, 2008

Microchip is Now Offering Xeltek’s Superpro® Universal Device Programmers

Microchip Technology Incorporated has signed a distributorship agreement with Xeltek Incorporated in April, 2008. - October 04, 2008

Illegal Distribution of Xeltek SuperPro Programmers

This is to inform end-users and distributors that Xeltek is taking serious actions to stop piracy of selling Xeltek programmers. - August 12, 2008

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