Mobile Ai-BOX, an Invention for the Rapid Development in CCTV

The new mobile software compressor from ACUMEN, Ai-BOX, is a significant invention in CCTV field. It makes audio & video accessible to a wide range of urgent tasks in professional and private occasions, anytime and anywhere. Ai-BOX directly connects to computer via USB 2.0 without additional... - April 23, 2009

ACUMEN Announces New Ai Capture Cards in the First Quarter 2009

Expansion of capture cards is the focus for ACUMEN in the first quarter. The range of Ai capture cards has increased triple; 4- channel (Ai-SC145, Ai-SC347), 8-channel (Ai-SC185, Ai-SC383, Ai-SC387) and 16-channel (Ai-SC165, Ai-SC363, Ai-SC367). Ai-SC333 supports 32 cameras for playback, record... - April 16, 2009

Hybrid DVRs From ACUMEN

ACUMEN introduces a new product line of PC with built-in capture card and 7-inch monitor named as “iD”. The parameters are sufficient for visual monitoring, and the function of touch screen is convenient which enhances the efficiency of DVRs. ACUMEN supplies 5 models of iD - three... - April 11, 2009

32-Channel Capture Card Ai-SC333 from Acumen

ACUMEN introduces 32-channel capture card Ai-SC333. - March 18, 2009

Ai-D243, Hybrid H.264 DVR from Acumen

Ai-D243, hybrid H.264 DVR from Acumen, unique black-and-red Ai color design and A4 paper size with only 4.5 cm thickness. - March 07, 2009

Acumen Int. Corp. in Intersec Exhibition 2009

Acumen Int. Corp. participated in Intersec 2009 Exhibition in the first year displaying over 30 Ai models in Dubai, UAE. The largest Security & Safe Exhibition in Middle East was held successfully and it exceeds expectation as 17,206 visitors came to join and see products displayed by 710... - February 11, 2009

Acumen Int. Corp. Introduces New Speed Dome Cameras

Acumen Int. Corp. offers five new designs of speed-dome cameras since November 2008. A list of models was expanded with introduction of IP cameras Ai-SD75 and Ai-SD77 – these are weather-proof high-resolution cameras, which are equipped with the capacity of data transmission over the network,... - December 31, 2008

Speed Cameras of Ai-- The Best CCTV Products of 2008 Issue of the Global Sources Magazine

Speed Cameras Ai-SD85 and Ai-SD79W of Acumen -- The Best CCTV Products of 2008 issue of the Global Sources magazine. - December 10, 2008

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