Caldwell County EDC Announces the Purchase of an Undeveloped Retail/Industrial Site

A milestone in land development in North Carolina occurred recently when Caldwell County EDC and the town of Granite Falls purchased a retail/industrial site near major food services wholesaler, MDI and the new Wal-Mart SuperCenter. Direct ownership by the EDC paves the way for the economic development commission to move faster and compete more aggressively with similar commercial/industrial sites in other counties. - January 08, 2009

Food Services Wholesaler Announces Major Business Expansion in North Carolina

Business expansion in North Carolina of the food services industry shows continued vitality with the recent announcement of a $50-million expansion of Merchant Distributors, Inc's Hickory, NC headquarters. According to the Caldwell County Economic Development Commission, their attractive package of tax incentives and new road construction sealed the deal. - January 08, 2009

Caldwell County Economic Development Commission Attracts Major Retailers to Caldwell County

Caldwell County Economic Development Commission's concerted effort to attract retail and commercial development in North Carolina to Caldwell County is paying big dividends as a result of aggressively promoting commercial and retail properties for sale in Caldwell County. Two Wal-Mart Super Centers and a FATZ Restaurant are open for business, and Carolina Pottery will be open in March, 2009. - November 26, 2008

Advanced Composites Manufacturing Facility Relocates to Caldwell County

In a region that has lost many textile and furniture manufacturing jobs to outsourcing and globalization, Caldwell County Economic Development Commission announces a major success developing an aviation business in western North Carolina. VX Aerospace Corporation, an advanced composites manufacturing facility, plans to hire 500 employees over the next five years. - November 21, 2008

Caldwell Edc's New Website Introduces "a Fresh Approach to Economic Growth"

Located in western North Carolina, Caldwell County Economic Development Commission introduces a comprehensive, new website that reflects the commission's "fresh approach to economic growth." - November 04, 2008

Joint Efforts Bring 1,955 New Jobs to Caldwell County in 12 Months

Located in western North Carolina, Caldwell County Economic Development Commission has attracted 1,955 new jobs and 15 companies to Caldwell County in the past 12 months. Their recruitment efforts' success reflects the strength of their strategic partnerships with the community and the state - October 16, 2008

Rural Economic Development Grants Transform Vacant Buildings into New Jobs

Caldwell County Economic Development Commission helps employers take advantage of state grants from the Building Reuse and Restoration Program to convert abandoned, stand-alone buildings into new facilities, bringing more jobs to Caldwell County, North Carolina. - September 25, 2008

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