Going the Extra Mile: Mobile Marketing Means Mobile Business Opportunities That Save Time, Money for Corporate Clients

The pool of marketing dollars available to any given company is a finite one. Every dollar, once spent, cannot be un-spent. - September 01, 2007

Mobile Event Marketing and Mobile Event Management Means More Bang for Agency Bucks

As brands and companies look to make bigger splashes at more events than ever before nationwide, it’s becoming increasingly cost-effective to outsource mobile event marketing and mobile event management to companies that specialize in end-to-end mobile marketing solutions. EventPro Services of Indianapolis is one company making mobile marketing waves. - August 05, 2007

Mobile Marketing Solutions Provide Customizable Opportunities for Large-Scale Marketing Efforts

When large-scale marketers can both customize and mobilize a marketing display or trade show event footprint, opportunities for greater exposure and cost savings roll on in. Mobile marketing can generate short and long term ROI. - May 13, 2007

Tremendous Value in Gently-Used Mobile Training Trailer

For sale or lease, EventPro is now offering a deluxe double-expandable semi-trailer at a huge discount. Easily customized, this trailer is available immediately for any mobile training or marketing tour. - September 01, 2006

Corporate Event Management Services from EventPro Expands to 6 US Cities

Full-scale corporate event management services from EventPro now include essential corporate event planning in six major US cities. Companies can experience fewer headaches when planning successive corporate events. - August 17, 2006

Elite Mobile Marketing Tour Commands Attention

Mobile marketing tours are flexible, allowing escape from narrow and rigid practices of old. See how a mobile marketing approach enables companies to bring their message to customers' doorsteps where it will be noticed. - April 19, 2006

Corporate Event Planning and Management Services Prove Vital for Successful Large-Scale Programs

Planning and management of corporate events such as conferences, exhibitions, seminars and conventions requires the services of specialists who can focus on every detail. Learn what it takes for successful planning and management of a corporate event. - April 19, 2006

Corporate Event Planning Website Reveals Secrets to Financing Marketing Endeavors

Mobile event marketing is a powerful method of introducing new products and technologies. EventPro's new website permits companies a risk-free opportunity to explore the possibility of utilizing corporate event management services in an affordable manner. - February 20, 2006

Mobile Marketing Company, EventPro, Launches its New Website

Mobile marketing tours are powerful tools for introducing new products and technologies directly to potential customers. An easy opportunity to explore the concept of mobile marketing, EventPro's website also reveals secrets to financing a mobile marketing tour. - February 18, 2006

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