Georgia Businesses Select Custom Metal Fabricators on

Companies across the Peach State seeking a custom metal fabricator are turning to AMSN in droves, says company. - October 24, 2012

Buying Custom Fabrication Services in Delaware Now Has More Purpose, Says AMSN

Custom fabricated parts and products made in Delaware becomes the latest movement for the American Machine Shops Network (AMSN). - October 19, 2012

Connecticut Sheet Metal Fabrication Shops Approved by

Sheet metal fabricators in the Constitution State gain the support of the American Machine Shops Network. - October 18, 2012

Buy American News: Colorado Steel Fabricators & Metal Fabricators Join AMSN

Colorado businesses show their support for the grassroots American manufacturing movement created by - October 17, 2012

California Sheet Metal Fabricators Recognized by Quality Specialists AMSN, promoter of quality-focused US manufacturers approves sheet metal fabricators in California. - October 15, 2012

American Made in Arkansas: Brings Jobs Back to Arkansas

The manufacturing environment in Arkansas and local businesses continues to benefit from the American Machine Shops Network (AMSN). - October 13, 2012

Buy American News: AMSN Serves Arizona's Custom Metal Fabrication Needs

Arizona becomes primary supporter of the Buy American Industrial Revolution founded by (American Machine Shops Network / AMSN). - October 12, 2012

Metal Fabricators in Alabama: AMSN Compares Fabrication Shops Statewide

Businesses across the Heart of Dixie are joining forces to support the Buy American Industrial Revolution pioneered by - October 11, 2012

AMSN Helps Companies Compare Wisconsin Precision Metal Machining Shops

The AMSN pioneered "Buy American Movement" moves north into the Badger State with the support of local businesses. - October 10, 2012

MFGpartners "Buy American Movement" Meets Washington Precision Machine Shops

Dozens of manufacturers & businesses across the Evergreen State unites as one to promote a movement geared to "Buy America Back," says ILG - October 05, 2012

Virginia Precision Machining: AMSN to Support Old Dominion Manufacturers

Companies across Virginia in need of precision machining services are turning to in droves says the Industrial Leaders Group. - October 04, 2012

Machined in Utah: Metal Fabrication Now Offered in Utah from and its 1,100+ job shop network enters Utah to promote its Buy American Revolution Campaign. - October 03, 2012

Texas Plastic Machining: New Plastic Parts Solutions for the Lone Star State

From its historic battles to its banners and proud heritage, Texas has a long history of American pride which has attracted and its Buy American Movement. - September 30, 2012

Tennessee Machining Services: Companies in the Volunteer State "Buy American"

Businesses all over Tennessee are taking notice of and its "Buy American Movement." - September 28, 2012

Precision Machined in South Carolina: Says "Buy American"

The custom manufacturing marketplace continues to grow as businesses in South Carolina await the arrival of - September 27, 2012

Machining Parts: New Solutions for Companies in Need of Machined Parts

The American Machine Shops Network reveals businesses are turning in droves to its manufacturing marketplace. - September 26, 2012

Pennsylvania Businesses Unites with AMSN and Its Manufacturing Movement

Businesses across the Keystone State show support for the American Manufacturing Movements founded by - September 23, 2012

Oregon Fabricated Metal Parts: AMSN Offers Companies More Quality Solutions

From CNC vertical milling & CNC turning to complete fabricating services, reinforces its commitment to American manufacturing. - September 22, 2012

Introducing Powder Metal Parts & Machined Parts Made in Arkansas

Businesses in the Razorback State in need of powder parts and other made-to-order products team-up with members of - July 18, 2012

New Measuring & Test Systems, Industrial Lasers & Industrial Machinery Directories introduces its new industrial laser systems, testing systems and manufacturing equipment offerings. - July 01, 2012

Arizona Manufacturers of Custom Plastic Parts Earns Support from AMSN

When manufacturers unite, new opportunities are spawned, as re-enters Arizona on a mission to help businesses statewide. - July 01, 2012

Heat Processing Systems, Hydraulic Equipment and Lubricants Offerings Increased by

Companies sourcing grease, lube, hydraulic & pneumatic equipment and heating solutions have new offerings to explore from ILG. - June 30, 2012

Original U.S. Fabricating Marketplace Approved by ILG Warns of AMSN Knockoffs

American Machine Shops Network (AMSN) educates the manufacturing community of its pioneering marketplace. - June 30, 2012

Machining & Fabrication in Alaska: AMSN Helps Businesses in the Last Frontier Find Craftsman

As the request of numerous businesses in Alaska, is bringing its manufacturing capabilities to the state. - June 29, 2012

New Grinding Shops Guide, HVAC Equipment & Labeling Machines Guides Introduced Today

B2B directory publisher adds grinding services & machinery, labeling systems and HVAC products. - June 29, 2012

Glass Fabricators, Metal Finishing & Tube & Tubing Manufacturers Added to ILG

The Industrial Leaders Group makes its case as the leading online source for industrial goods by adding 300+ approved manufacturers - June 28, 2012

Metal Parts Machined in Alabama: AMSN Helps Local Businesses Find Custom Made Parts

The Heart of Dixie continues to visit to find manufacturers of metal and plastic parts custom made. - June 28, 2012

Power Supplies, Fasteners & Gears Added to the Leading Industrial Directory (ILG)

The nation's largest directory of quality-approved suppliers adds power transmission, fastening systems and power equipment to its offerings. - June 24, 2012

Small Plastic Parts Manufacturers in Virginia Awarded by

Virginia manufacturers and fabricators of small plastic parts join the Buy American movement founded by AMSN and its national network. - June 24, 2012

Waste Handling Equipment, Custom-Made Enclosures & Food Processing Machines Added to ILG

Industrial Leaders increases offering for food processing equipment, electrical & electronic enclosures and equipment for waste management. - June 23, 2012 Opens Gun Drilling Solutions Center for Businesses Nationwide

The Web's leading machining, molding & fabrication network on the Web launches online "Gundrilling Center." - June 23, 2012

ILG Releases Buying Guides for Electronic Parts, Industrial Motors & Industrial Filters

Industrial Leaders (IL) introduces its industrial filtration systems, diesel engines & electronic components buying guides. - June 22, 2012

Washington Sheet Metal Work Shops Approved by the Web's Leading Job Shop Network

Companies all over the state of Washington with sheet metal projects and other custom manufacturing services are turning to AMSN. - June 22, 2012

Manufacturers of Compressors, Electrical Supplies & Conveyors Join Industrial Leaders

The nation's leading promoter of U.S. industrial products adds manufacturers of conveyors, electrical supply & compressors to its lineup. - June 21, 2012

AMSN Polls Machine Shops in Wisconsin About Its Buy American Movement

Wisconsin-based custom manufacturers welcomes and its movement to bring work to U.S. job shops and foundries. - June 21, 2012

EDM Machining Shops in Utah Recognized by National Leader AMSN

MFGpartners ups the anti by increasing offerings for electrical discharge machining (EDM) services in Utah. - June 20, 2012

New Communications Equipment, Drilling Machines & Heavy Machinery Directory Hits Marketplace doubles its user-base for three of its main directories focusing on drilling, construction and telecommunications. - June 20, 2012

Industrial Coatings, Cutting Tools & Industrial PCs Added to

Industrial Leaders (Est. 2003) adds suppliers of industrial computers, cutting tools, industrial paints & coatings. - June 17, 2012

Texas Steel Fabrication Shops to Support The Buy American AMSN Movement

Steel fabricators in the Lone Star state join the efforts of and its movement to re-grow U.S. manufacturing. - June 17, 2012

Industrial Chemicals, Textiles, Fabrics & Industrial Cleaning Products Added to

New offerings for cleaning equipment, fabrics & textiles as well as specialty chemicals increase by nearly 45% on Industrial Leaders. - June 16, 2012

Introducing Quality Metal Fabrication Services in Tennessee Approved by AMSN

The largest machine shop network in the country enters Tennessee to the welcoming arms of local businesses. - June 16, 2012

New Automation Equipment Guide, Building Supply and Foundry Castings Guides from

Industrial Leaders continues its rapid growth by adding more foundries, building supply distributors and factory automated machines. - June 15, 2012

CNC Machine Shops in South Carolina Get Introduced to New Customers on

Businesses across the Palmetto State finding local CNC machine shop facilities approved by AMSN to meet their custom manufacturing needs. - June 15, 2012

New Adhesives Manufacturers, Building Materials, Cable & Wire Manufacturers Approved by ILG

Manufacturers of cables & wiring, adhesives & sealants as well as building & construction supplies approved by - June 14, 2012

Rhode Island Small Machined Parts Manufacturers Awarded by

The Ocean State becomes the next target for the American Machine Shops Network, and its "Buy Local & Buy American" movement - June 14, 2012

Woodworking Equipment, Abrasives & Bearings Manufacturers Added to Industrial Leaders adds manufacturers of abrasives, woodworking machines & supplies as well as bearings to its B-to-B marketplace. - June 13, 2012 Says Precision Metal Fabricators in Pennsylvania Join Its Buy American Movement

Organizations, engineers and manufacturers in the Keystone State welcomes AMSN and its grassroots U.S. manufacturing movement. - June 13, 2012

Hand Tools, Power Tools, Welding Supplies & Water Treatment Equipment Added to

Industrial Leaders ups the anti by nearly doubling its suppliers of water treatment systems, hand & power tools, as well as welding machines & supply. - June 10, 2012

Oregon Plastic Fabrication Services Now Offered by More Shops Approved by

Businesses seeking metal & plastic fabrication services in Oregon now have more option from the American Machine Shops Network. - June 10, 2012 Says Businesses in Oklahoma Prefer Stainless Steel Fabricators Approved by AMSN

The American Machine Shops Network ups the anti with the release of its new RFQ and bidding service. - June 09, 2012

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