.XXX Domain Sunrise Phases Now Open at HostDomainZone.com

.XXX is a new TLD designed especially for the adult entertainment industry. Beginning September 7, the Sunrise Phases are open. You can preregister the popular .XXX domains for all phases in HostDomainZone.com now and secure your claims in the online world of adult entertainment. .XXX is... - September 30, 2011

HostDomainZone.com Adds .IT Domains Now

From Italy to information technology, you've got .IT. .IT domains available now from HostDomainZone.com. Whether the customers are involved in the technical world of IT professionals, or their hearts (or businesses) lie in Italy, .IT domain names are the perfect way to put their passions on the... - December 03, 2009

HostDomainZone.com Adds New ccTLD - .BZ!

With many of the best .COM domains already taken, .BZ offers fresh opportunities for niche marketing to today's social consumers. Add video, chat and RSS feeds and start your own internet buzz. Now HostDomainZone.com offers the new ccTLDs - .BZ, .COM.BZ and .NET.BZ. .BZ, .COM.BZ and .NET.BZ just... - March 22, 2009

HostDomainZone.com Adds Two New Currency Options

HostDomainZone.com has two new currency options available - Mexican Pesos (MXN) and Indian Rupees (INR). Users can choose the display currency by clicking on the currency code or flag in the top bar of HostDomainZone.com site next to the login (defaults to USD). Once a shopper selects a currency,... - March 03, 2009

HostDomainZone.com Transforms Customer Feedback Into Valuable Upgrades

Why do people looking to establish or enhance their Web presence use HostDomainZone.com? One reason may be the way HostDomainZone.com continuously improves its products and services based on input from many customers who call HostDomainZone.com for help, or to suggest product improvements. - February 26, 2009

HostDomainZone.com Adds .IN to Domain Offerings

Hoping your Web site will become the next "in" thing on the Internet? HostDomainZone.com may be able to help. HostDomainZone.com is adding .IN to its long list of domain offerings. - February 22, 2009

HostDomainZone.com Added New Products to Website Design Lineup

HostDomainZone.com has just expanded the offerings in the Website Design product line. Now the customers can get all the essentials for their business in one spot - HostDomainZone.com. - February 01, 2009

HostDomainZone.com is Proud to Offer .CA Domain

.CA available now from HostDomainZone.com. With nearly three-quarters of Canadians active on the Internet, there’s never been a better time to register a .CA domain name. .CA is the country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) for individuals, businesses, and groups located in Canada. The customers... - November 11, 2008

HostDomainZone.com Provides an Easier Way to Share, Print and Manage Photos Online

Discover an easier way to share, print and manage photos online. Online Photo Filer gives the client an online photo album site for sharing photos, as well as easy-to-use editing tools to make sure their photos look their very best. The clients can even order high quality prints directly from their album – and have them delivered right to their door. - November 05, 2008

HostDomainZone.com is Offering the New Windows Server 2008 with IIS7

HostDomainZone.com is offering the new Windows Server 2008 with Internet Information Services 7.0 (IIS7) software as the backbone of its Windows Web hosting product line. - November 05, 2008

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