E-Switch’s Newest Illuminated Pushbutton Switch Features Custom Cap Options

E-Switch introduces the new LP15 series illuminated pushbutton switch, featuring multiple LED colors, custom marking options for the caps, and several cap sizes. The LED colors available are red, blue, green, yellow, and white. You can choose from four different button colors, as well: black, red,... - February 13, 2010

E-Switch’s New Illuminated Pushbutton Switch Series Offers Custom Cap Options

E-Switch announces the new LP2 series illuminated pushbutton switch, featuring multiple LED colors, custom marking options on the caps, and different cap sizes. The LED colors feature red, blue, green, yellow, white or none. You can choose from six different button colors as well: black, red,... - January 20, 2010

E-Switch’s New Website Boasts More Functionality and User-Friendliness

E-Switch announces the launch of their new website, www.e-switch.com. This website improves on the existing functionality and also offers more tools to the engineers who visit the site. Some features include: Easy to use search function allows you to search by spec, keyword or part... - December 06, 2009

E-Switch’s Latest Power Toggle Switch Has Heavy Duty Ratings

E-Switch-Lamb Industries introduces the ST3 series power toggle switch. The ST3 series power toggle switch features a heavy duty rating with UL approvals, and tab, screw and solder terminal options. It has a rubber boot for water and dust protection. Specifications include: Electrical Life –... - October 03, 2009

E-Switch’s Latest Power Rocker Switch Offers Full Illumination Options

E-Switch-Lamb Industries introduces the RRA series illuminated round power rocker switch. The RRA series power rocker switch has a PVC cap for water protection and full illumination options. It has high power ratings with UL approvals. Specifications include: Electrical Life – 10,000... - September 06, 2009

E-Switch’s Latest Anti-Vandal Switch Rated to IP65

E-Switch-Lamb Industries introduces the PV6 series anti-vandal switch. The PV6 series switch is vandal and water resistant (to IP-65 standards) and has multiple illumination options. Specifications include: Mechanical Life – 1,000,000 cycles min. Electrical Life – 50,000 cycles Contact... - August 15, 2009

E-Switch Announces New Illuminated Tactile Switch

E-Switch’s Latest Tact Switch is Illuminated with Many Cap Options - July 02, 2009

E-Switch’s Latest Sealed Tactile Switch Has Radial Leads

The TL52 series tactile switch uniquely features radial leads and is sealed to IP-67 ratings, protecting it from dust and water immersion. - June 18, 2009

E-Switch’s Newest Snap Action Switch Features Surface Mount Termination

E-Switch introduces the newest snap action switch in their product portfolio, the TS2 series, subminiature switch featuring surface mount termination. Its small package size is designed for higher reliability applications and because of its unique SMT design, will be popular on many board-level... - May 30, 2009

E-Switch – Lamb Industries’ Announces Right Angle, Illuminated Tact Switch

E-Switch – Lamb Industries announces the TL1250 illuminated tactile switch. Offering right-angle, thru hole termination, the TL1250 also has a sharp, tactile response and long travel. Blue, red, green and yellow single LED options are available. Specifications include: Force – 120 +/-... - April 29, 2009

E-Switch – Lamb Industries’ Newest Anti-vandal Switch is Available Now

E-Switch – Lamb Industries announces the PV8 anti-vandal switch. This new anti-vandal switch features a metal body and actuator with a 25mm diameter panel cutout. Multiple functions are available with the PV8. It is available with or without illumination. The illuminated option includes the... - April 18, 2009

E-Switch – Lamb Industries’ Newest Illuminated Pushbutton Switch is Now Available

The LP4 series switch has multiple cap sizes/options and two termination options: a vertical PCB mount and a right angle PCB mount. - March 14, 2009

E-Switch Announces Acquisition of Lamb Industries

E-Switch, a leading global supplier of electro mechanical switches, acquires Lamb Industries, a leading supplier of power switches - February 22, 2009

E-Switch Announces New Illuminated Pushbutton Switch

E-Switch announces the LP1 series, an illuminated round pushbutton switch that features multiple LED color options of blue, green, red, white and yellow. This illuminated switch is panel mount and is a momentary switch. Specifications include: Electrical Life – 50,000 cycles Operating Force... - January 31, 2009

E-Switch Announces New Sub-miniature SMT Tactile Switch

E-Switch, a leading manufacturer of illuminated and electronic switches, introduces a new sub-miniature SMT tactile switch, the TL3313 - December 30, 2008

E-Switch Introduces New Illuminated Tact Switch with Independent LED Wire Leads

E-Switch, a leading manufacturer of electromechanical switches, introduces the latest illuminated tactile switch, the TL1240. - November 14, 2008

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