Heated Pressure Washer Now Supports Extra Long Hoses for Indoor Jobs

Super Max™ 12000 includes a new technology that can power hoses up to 200 feet long without losing cleaning pressure. - February 28, 2010

New Green Cleaners Remove Rust, Clean Concrete

Bio-based Concrete Cleaner with Rust Stain Remover was designed for busy public works professionals seeking a broad-spectrum concrete cleaner with stain removers. - February 27, 2010

Daimer® Introduces Its Lowest Priced Carpet Cleaners for Overseas Customers

Daimer® compact new 50 Hz machines offer new entry-level price point for non-U.S. cleaning professionals seeking performance and low cost. - February 26, 2010

Propane-Heated Pressure Washers Support Extra Long Hoses for Indoor Jobs

Super Max™ 6000, 7000 & 9000 machines offer higher pressure levels, mobility and support for hoses up to 300 feet long, which allows gas-heated systems to be used inside. - February 25, 2010

New Carpet Cleaner Machines Offer Heated Power for 50 Hz Countries

The heated XTreme Power® XPH 5000 series offers commercial-grade performance and entry-level pricing. - February 24, 2010

New High-End Gum-Removing Steam Cleaner Offers Sanitizing Technology

Daimer®'s KleenJet® Ultra 5000CVGP eliminates chewing gum and includes a certified anti-bacterial system that kills common germs. - February 20, 2010

Tile & Grout Cleaner Uses Green Cleaning Chemicals to Remove Rust, Soap Scum

Eco-Green® Tile & Grout Cleaner for public works departments uses vegetable and plant compounds to clean tile and grout lines without harmful abrasives or solvents. - February 19, 2010

Stationary Steam Pressure Washers Offer New Grease-Cutting Features

Daimer®'s Super Max™ 15700SP wet-steam-only machines offer moderate pressure and high temperatures for cleaning grimy, yet delicate, equipment and surfaces. - February 18, 2010

New Upholstery Carpet Cleaners Provide 50 Hz Power for Cleaning Pros Abroad

Daimer® introduces three heated upholstery systems designed for cleaning drapes, furniture, vehicle interiors and tight spaces. - February 17, 2010

New Green Chemicals Protect Windshields and Repel Rain for Clear Vision

Eco-Green®'s automotive green chemicals line includes a rain repellent that will not harm vehicles, roads or the environment. - February 06, 2010

Daimer®’s New Vacuum Steam Cleaners Raise the Performance Bar

The Ultra 10320CV provides 32,000 watts of power plus an advance wet/dry vacuum for the toughest commercial steam cleaning jobs. - February 05, 2010

New All-Gas, All Steam Pressure Washer Offer Maximum Mobility

Daimer®'s Super Max™ 12500 PE SP steam-only machines are powered and heated by propane for applications where using electricity is not an option. - February 04, 2010

New Dual-Function Carpet Cleaners Offer Double the Power

XTreme Power® XPH-9315CH produce 250 psi of pressure, 100 psi more than Daimer®'s existing units that can clean both carpets and hard surfaces. - February 03, 2010

Green Auto Detailing Chemicals Polish Hard Surfaces Without Hazardous Compounds

Eco-Green® Multi-Purpose Hard Surface Cleaner from Daimer® cleans a variety of surfaces using a safe, biodegradable formula. - January 31, 2010

New All-in-One Steam Cleaner Sanitizes, Vacuums and Removes Chewing Gum

Daimer®’s KleenJet® Supreme 3000CVGP machine includes a gum-removal system, ATIS® germ-killing technology and a wet dry/vacuum. - January 30, 2010

New Gas Steam Pressure Washers Provide Outdoor Mobility

Daimer® Super Max™ 12500 GE SP steam-dedicated machines are heated and powered by fuel for cleaning jobs in which using electric power is not practical. - January 24, 2010

New Auto Detailing Carpet Cleaners Offer More Juice

Daimer® increases the power by up to 67 percent across its XTreme Power® line of interior carwash and car detailing machines. - January 23, 2010

New Green Chemicals Improve Performance of Boiler Systems

Eco-Green® Boiler Treatment & Conditioner improves operation and reduces maintenance of boilers without environmentally-hazardous ingredients. - January 22, 2010

New Industrial Steam Cleaners Produce 29,000 Watts of Cleaning Power

Daimer's Ultra 10290C series offers the densest steam, non-stop productivity and unique steel construction for total productivity. - January 21, 2010

Wet Steam Auto Detailing Pressure Washers from Daimer®

New line of Super Max™ 12820SP systems features a Super-HOT™ design for steam cleaning that will not hurt automotive surfaces. - January 20, 2010

New All Steam Pressure Washers Generate 3000 PSI of Pressure

Daimer®'s Super Max™ 12300SP machines offer high pressures and flow rates in a dedicated steam configuration for big industrial jobs. - January 17, 2010

New Pressure Washers Include Sleep Mode Technology for Increased Durability

Super Max™ 12860 machines are bundled with AST® architecture, which increases productivity and extends the life of the componentry. - January 14, 2010

Upgraded Upholstery Carpet Cleaners Offer 67 Percent More Power

The enhanced XTreme Power® XPH-9300U 250 psi produces the most power in Daimer®’s upholstery and auto detailing line of carpet cleaning machines. - January 13, 2010

New Eco-Green® Green Cleaners Polish and Clean Glass and Hard Surfaces

Glass & Multi-Surface Cleaner provides streak-free cleaning of mirrors, windows, walls and floors without dangerous fumes or solvents. - January 11, 2010

New Auto Detailing Power Washers Produce 330ºF Wet Steam for Delicate Finishes

Daimer®'s Super Max™ 12800SP machines feature Super-HOT™ engineering for dedicated wet steam cleaning that won't harm automotive surfaces. - January 10, 2010

Green Chemicals Now Available for Cleaning Oily Parts

Eco-Green® Ultra-Power™ Parts Washer & Cleaner dissolves grease and oil without harmful solvents. - January 09, 2010

Daimer's New Steam Cleaners Generate 22,000 Watts of Cleaning Power

The Ultra 10220C combines super-dense steam with non-stop cleaning and stainless steel construction for maximum productivity. - January 08, 2010

New Multi-Temperature High Pressure Washers Offer Hibernation Mode

Super Max™ 12840 machines include advanced AST® engineering that prolongs the life of pumps and motors. - January 07, 2010

New Car Detailing Steam Cleaners Include HEPA Vacuum

KleenJet® Mega 500V steam vacuum machines remove dirt, stains and allergens from upholstery, plastic and other vehicle surfaces. - January 02, 2010

New Pressure Washers Offer High Technology at Low Prices

Daimer® introduces the entry-level Super Max™ 7000SP, the company's least-expensive dedicated wet steam cleaning system. - January 01, 2010

New Green Cleaners Degrease Grills, Barbecues and Ovens -- Safely

Eco-Green® Oven, Grill & BBQ Cleaner dissolves hardened food residues, greases and fats for safe cleaning in food preparation environments. - December 31, 2009

Entry-Priced Anti-Bacterial Steam Cleaners Kill Germs Effectively, Inexpensively

The Mega 500VP bundles a steam cleaner, HEPA vacuum, and Daimer®'s unique ATIS® germ-killing steam technology. - December 30, 2009

New Carpet Cleaners for Auto Detailing and Upholstery Add Pump Pressure

Daimer® almost doubles pressure levels of its XTreme Power® XPH-5800TU carpet shampooers to 100 psi. - December 26, 2009

Daimer® Ships Its Most Powerful Auto Detailing Steam Cleaners

The new KleenJet® Mega 5000CV features a wet/dry vac, direct water feed, 120 psi of pressure, HEPA filtration and massive fluid tanks. - December 25, 2009

New Green Cleaning Chemicals for HVAC Systems Clean Coils Safely

Eco-Green®'s industrial-grade Evaporator Coil Cleaner blasts away soil, grease and oil from coils found in chillers, air conditioners, heating systems, humidifiers and more. - December 24, 2009

Daimer®'s New Steam Cleaners Combine a Vacuum with 17,000 Watts of Power

Each KleenJet® Ultra 10170CV includes a wet/dry vac and water - feed support for non-stop cleaning and maximum productivity. - December 23, 2009

New Dedicated-Steam Pressure Washers Combine Mobility and Power

Daimer®'s Super Max™ 12200SP systems generate high pressure steam and high flow rates for tough industrial applications. - December 20, 2009

Value-Priced Hot Steam Carpet Cleaners from Daimer® Add Power

XTreme Power® XPH-5900I, Daimer®'s top performing small-business and commercial machine, now offers 40 more psi of pressure. - December 19, 2009

Daimer Industries® Announces Car Detailing Steam Cleaners

KleenJet® Supreme 3000CV steam machines eliminate stains, dirt, and allergy-causing substances from auto interiors and hard surfaces. - December 18, 2009

New Drain Opener Uses Green Cleaners to Safely Unclog Pipes

Eco-Green® Commercial Drain Opener & Cleaner opens pipes blocked by hair, grease, fats, food and other organic substances. - December 17, 2009

Daimer® Announces New Industrial Steam Cleaners with Dense Vapor Steam

KleenJet® Ultra 10150C machines boast high temperatures, 150 psi pressure levels, and super-dense steam for the toughest applications. - December 16, 2009

Daimer Industries Ships Auto Detailing Steam Cleaners

KleenJet® Mega 1000CV steam vacuum machines remove dirt, stains and allergens from upholstery, plastic and other hard vehicle surfaces. - December 12, 2009

Daimer® Upgrades Carpet Cleaners for Upholstery and Auto Detailing

The new XTreme Power® XPH-9300U generate 50 percent more power than its predecessor, while retaining all the popular steam carpet cleaning features. - December 11, 2009

New Concentrated Green Chemicals for Car Washing Clean Without Soaps or Solvents

Eco-Green® Heavy-Duty Car Wash boasts advance Micro-Blasting® nano-technology for industrial-strength cleaning that will not harm the environment. - December 10, 2009

New Top-End Pressure Washers Generate 7000 PSI, 9 GPM

The Stationary Super Max™ 25000GP offers the highest pressure levels and flow rates in Daimer®'s line of cold water machines. - December 09, 2009

New Gum Removal Steam Cleaners Offer the Most Power in Their Class

The Supreme 3000CVG removes chewing gum from a variety of surfaces and offers power to spare, a wet/dry vacuum and other high-performance features. - December 06, 2009

New Value-Priced Auto Detailing Steam Cleaners with Continuous Refill

Daimer® introduces the KleenJet® Pro Plus 300CS, its most affordable car detailing systems offering continuous cleaning for added productivity. - December 05, 2009

Daimer® Announces Powerful New Unheated Carpet Cleaners for Upholstery

The upgraded XTreme Power® XPC-9200U now delivers 1.5 times the power of its predecessor for auto detailing and other applications requiring a compact wand. - December 04, 2009

New Green Chemicals Clean Grease Traps, Safely and Effectively

Eco-Green® Grease Trap Degreaser & Treatment offers industrial strength cleaning power in an environmentally friend formula. - December 03, 2009

Daimer® Ships Value-Priced Auto Detailing Steam Cleaners

KleenJet® Pro Plus 200S systems offer homes and businesses and low-cost option for cleaning car interiors and upholstery. - December 02, 2009

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