1500-PSI Gas Pressure Washers for Stationary Applications

Daimer®'s Super Max™ 15700 non-mobile systems are able to power extra-long hoses, support three modes of temperature cleaning and are offered configured for assorted heating-fuel options. - May 27, 2011

11.7 Bar Carpet Cleaning Equipment Ships with High-Suction Wand

Daimer®’s enhanced wand provides greater extraction for the newly upgraded 50 Hz XTreme Power® XPH-5850T carpet cleaners. - May 11, 2011

Economical 8.2 Bar Carpet Cleaning Equipment Now Available

Daimer®’s upgraded, cost-effective XTreme Power® XPC-5750 series now provides twice the pump power in the identical heater-free configuration. - May 04, 2011

Mobile Car Wash Systems Heated with Fuel

Daimer®'s 12820 auto detailing power washers provide heated cleaning power and moderate psi levels for use on automotive surfaces. - May 01, 2011

Cost-Effective Carpet Shampooers with 120 PSI Pumps Now Shipping

Daimer®’s economical, XTreme Power® XPC-5700 line now with double the pump pressure and the same economical, heater-free performance. - April 30, 2011

Cold Water Pressure Washer Supports 1500 PSI, 3 GPM

Daimer®'s 8700 Super Max™ has no heating system and offers maximum portability in an electric-powered machine. - April 29, 2011

Next Gen Carpet Steam Cleaners Enhanced with 170 PSI Pumps

Daimer®'s newest XTreme Power® XPH 5800T machines are equipped with high-psi pumps offering 20 percent more power than the predecessors. - April 28, 2011

Electric Power Washer Machines That Can Clean Far from a Power Source

Daimer®'s 80-product Vapor-Flo® line includes a new Long Hose Technology (LHT), which supports the use of super-long hoses for cleaning applications far from the base unit – and far from an electric outlet. - April 27, 2011

Heated, Value Carpet Shampooer Now with 11.7 Bar Pump

Daimer®'s next-generation XTreme Power® XPH 5850T machine is equipped with a more powerful pump capable of 20 percent more pressure than its predecessor. - April 24, 2011

Economical Upholstery Cleaners with Twice the Power

Daimer® doubles the pump pressure on its XTreme Power® 60 Hz XPC 5700U and 50 Hz XPC 5750U machines. - April 22, 2011

Auto Detailing Machines Accepts Multiple Fuels for Heat

Daimer®'s 12800 specialized pressure washers offer heated power and modest psi for cleaning that is gentle on car and truck surfaces. - April 21, 2011

New 50 Hz Tile and Grout Cleaning Machines for Education with Upgraded Filtration

Daimer®'s 3050CVclass of KleenJet® machines for overseas janitorial professionals bundle enhanced dual-phase filtration for trapping offensive smells and allergens. - April 21, 2011

Upholstery Cleaning Machine Offers 220 psi and 210ºF

The high-end XTreme Power® XPH-9300U includes an advanced pump and heating unit for automotive and commercial upholstery applications. - April 20, 2011

New 230V Mobile Car Wash Machines Offer "Delicate" Power

Daimer®'s Super Max™ 9000 auto detailing power washers offer 1500 psi and steam cleaning in one maneuverable unit. - April 15, 2011

Midrange Steam Vacuum Cleaners for Education Now with Advanced Filtration

Daimer®'s KleenJet® 3000CV series bundles a $350 HEPA and proprietary water filtration system at no charge for customers serving large universities and schools. - April 14, 2011

Entry Carpet Shampooer Machines Receive 120 PSI Pumps

Four Daimer® XTreme Power® 5700 systems now offer 100 percent more pump pressure than their 60 psi predecessors. - April 10, 2011

Entry-Priced, Steam Bed Bug Removal Machines

Daimer® ships a line of germ-killing steam cleaners for government cleaning professionals facing parasite infestations. - April 09, 2011

Auto-Refilling Mobile Car Wash Pressure Washers

Daimer®'s Super Max™ 7000 mobile car wash systems expand the company's line of modest priced, highly-portable heated power cleaning machines. - April 07, 2011

Value-Priced Electric Pressure Washer Machines That Hit 117 Bar

Daimer®'s least expensive Vapor-Flo® 7400-class systems, the new 7425 models, offer advanced flow, pressure and temperature technology for customers needing low-sound, no emission, heated cleaning capabilities. - April 05, 2011

50 Hz Carpet Cleaning Machines Receive 5 More BAR

Daimer® increases the pressure on its high-heat, XTreme Power® XPH-9350 line, with the addition of 15.2 bar pumps designed specifically for professional cleaning contractors. - April 05, 2011

Unheated Auto Detailing Power Washers with Mounting Options, Low Price

Daimer®'s new line of car pressure washers offers modest psi and support for wall and truck mounting as well as optional multi-wand operation. - April 04, 2011

Lab-Tested Steam Vac Cleaner Machines Kill MRSA

Daimer®'s Ultra 5050CVP KleenJet® extraction machines eradicate drug-resistant staph microbes on residential and commercial surfaces with lab-proven ATIS® technology. - April 02, 2011

Four Mobile Car Wash Pressure Washers in Stationary Configurations

Daimer® announces a new series of Super Max™ vehicle cleaning systems designed for fixed-location, high volume applications. - March 27, 2011

Daimer Industries, Inc.®, a Global Full-Service Provider of Antiseptic Floor Steamers, Has Shipped a 3-Phase, 230V Model of It

Daimer®'s 8323-360 CP machines support a new power configuration and offer ATIS® germ-stopping technology and high-power for industrial applications. - March 20, 2011

Entry-Level 50 Hz Gum Removal Systems Kill Germs

Daimer®'s new Gum Exterminator® systems offer overseas cleaning professionals power and anti-microbial technology at a new price point. - March 20, 2011

Lowest-Priced 50 Hz Electric Pressure Washers from Daimer®

The new Vapor-Flo® 7125 line provides low-sound plus non fume performance at a new price level for cleaning professionals working abroad. - March 19, 2011

Electric Pressure Washer Machines in Static Configuration

Daimer® ships a series of higher flow-rate Vapor-Flo® machines for heavier cleaning applications in exhaust-averse, reduced-noise environments. - March 02, 2011

Entry-Priced Mobile Car Wash Carpet Cleaners

The new XTreme Power® XPC-5700U offers a diminutive footprint, unheated cleaning for delicate fibers and added power for removing spots from vehicle interiors. - February 26, 2011

Commercial Steam Cleaner Now with Low-Cost Accessories

Daimer® to offer brushes for the industrial-grade KleenJet® Ultra 8423-160 CVP for $2.50 that match quality of $20 products. - February 26, 2011

Entry 50 Hz Auto Detailing Steam Cleaners

Daimer®'s KleenJet® Pro Plus 250S line provides an affordable option for car detailers in need of an interior and hard surface cleaning system. - February 24, 2011

Unheated Carpet Cleaning Equipment Now with 300 Psi Pumps

Daimer® offers its most powerful unheated 9200 machines designed for longer periods of no-stop cleaning on the biggest commercial jobs. - February 24, 2011

New 96.1°C Electric Power Washers in Non-Portable Design

Daimer® introduces a higher-temperature, higher pressure Vapor-Flo® series that offers low water flow in a no-exhaust, low-noise configuration. - February 23, 2011

Commercial Pressure Washers with Gum Removal and Auto Shut-Off

Daimer® is bundling wear-reducing AST® auto shut-off technology in its 7000AST series of entry-level steam machines for chewing gum cleaning. - February 20, 2011

New MRSA Steam Cleaner Provides Institutional Disinfecting Capabilities

Daimer® plans to ship six machines in germ eradicating designs for a variety of power configurations. - February 20, 2011

New Carpet Shampooer for Professional Contractors

Daimer®'s new contractor-grade XTreme Power® XPH-9300-250 comes with more power and new enhancements for increased productivity. - February 19, 2011

50 Hz Mobile Car Wash Pressure Washers

Daimer®'s Super Max™ 6235SCW machines are designed to clean delicate finishes and tough grime using 220V-240V 50 Hz power. - February 19, 2011

Portable Steam Cleaner Systems Generate Power and Sanitize

Daimer® introduces three new 25,000-watt KleenJet® machines featuring ATIS® sterilization technology. - February 18, 2011

Vacuum Steam Cleaner with Detail/Replacement Brush at Lower Prices

Daimer® cuts prices for three consumable add-on brush products for the popular 8860-360CVP machine. - February 17, 2011

Carpet Cleaners Offer Contractor-Friendly Features: 250 psi, High Capacity

Daimer®'s newest unheated XTreme Power® XPC-9200-250 series includes: a higher-powered pump, varied temperature options and oversized fluid tanks. - February 16, 2011

Nine New MRSA Steam Cleaner Systems with Industrial Power

Daimer® announces shipment plans for vacuum and non-vacuum machines in a variety of germ stopping power configurations. - February 12, 2011

Gas Pressure Washers Powered with Jet Fuel

Daimer® announces machines with jet fuel engines for customers, including airports, with access to JP5 or JP8 fuel. - February 11, 2011

New Upholstery Cleaners for Contract Cleaners

Daimer’s XTreme Power® XPH-9300U-250 pairs an inline heating system and a liquid management system for fast drying and prolonged operation. - February 10, 2011

Four Electric Pressure Washers Offer Value Proposition at 50 Hz

The Vapor-Flo® 7000 series carries the lowest prices for non-U.S. customers seeking advanced fume-less technology. - February 09, 2011

50 Hz Auto Detailing Car Wash Machine

Daimer®'s new Super Max™ 6235SCW pressure washers are designed for cleaning professionals in non-60 Hz countries. - February 06, 2011

Nine New MRSA Steam Cleaners with Industrial Power

Daimer® announces shipment plans for vacuum and non-vacuum machines in a variety of germ stopping powered configurations. - February 05, 2011

50 Hz Upholstery Carpet Cleaners Offer Small Size, Maneuverability

Daimer®'s smallest footprint, unheated 5750U systems offer cleaning contractors a blend of power, compact size and unheated cleaning for delicate materials and vehicle interiors. - February 04, 2011

Floor Steam Cleaner Line to Get Discount on Brush Replacements

Daimer® plans to discount the prices on brushes for 10 products in the KleenJet® 8000 series of antiseptic machines for foreign markets. - February 03, 2011

Non-Mobile 50 Hz Commercial Power Washers Heats to 79.4°C

The Vapor-Flo® 7250 series is manufactured in a stationary design for repeat applications in fume-averse environments. - February 03, 2011

50Hz Auto Detailing Machines Offer More Power and a Stationary Configuration

Daimer®'s Super Max™ 15750 line, the company's most advanced vehicle pressure washers, offer more pressure and flow for vehicle cleaning applications. - February 02, 2011

Compact Carpet Shampooer Line Supports 50 Hz

Daimer® ships its most powerful, compact machines for cleaning contractors and other janitorial professionals requiring performance and portability. - February 02, 2011

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