WearWine.com Founder Presents Workshop on ‘Wine as the New Golf’

Adu Jahmal, founder of WearWine.com, announces his fall workshop series, “Wine and Business: The New Golf.” The corporate deals of today are just as likely to go down at the wine bar as the golf course, especially in Seattle, where wine enthusiasts abound and the weather dampens the... - September 30, 2006

WearWine.com Founder Presents Workshop on Incorporating Wine into Everyday Life

Adu Jahmal presents the workshop "Everything I Learned about Wine, I Learned in Kindergarten: Let's Keep it Simple... How to Incorporate Wine into Everyday Life" at, the leading wine education organization, the Society of Wine Educator's 30th annual conference in Eugene, Oregon at 4 pm on... - June 22, 2006

Chicago Artist Proves there's More to Wine than Just Grapes

Chicago Artist Adu Jahmal announced today the launch of his new web site, www.wearwine.com. Geared towards the emerging culture of wine enthusiasts, the site features popular wine spots, art, music, apparel, furniture, and current events in the world of wine. WearWine.com will also sell limited... - April 01, 2006

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